Aries Moon in the 8th house

The Moon in your chart shows how your mother nurtured you, what is needed to feel emotionally satisfied, and how you go about fulfilling those needs. In esoteric astrology, it is said that the soul is trapped in the sign the moon is in. Meaning you have tendencies to express the lower qualities of the sign when reacting to a situation. There’s a tendency to use manipulation to attain emotional satisfaction instead of being honest about emotional needs. The Moon also reveal where there are insecurities, therefore retreat into vices; food, people, emotions, status, or things.

Despite the fact that it is where the soul hides, it is also where the greatest strength can be found. By looking to the Moon placement, there’s a hint of how to address internal needs and integrate with “darker” or unseen parts of the self. By nourishing your emotional needs daily, you are able to nourish those around you the same by providing intimacy, acceptance and nonverbal care.

The Daily Struggle
If you have Aries Moon in the eighth house, you are all about death and rebirth. Anything to do with dark/ taboo things, your mind directly goes to it to understand the truth. In relationships, there’s a  subconscious need for independence but a lack of ability to maintain a sense of self. With this push and pull ambivalence, it increases frustration and anger due to powerlessness in relationships. Yet, a need to make an impact and to merge with someone or something greater drives you to change.

Due to the need to face the truth head-on, you tend to dabble in occult knowledge, magickal arts, psychology, or any topic that is misunderstood or taboo in your culture. You’ll find that your mind soaks the knowledge easily and strategizes ways to put it into action immediately. It is likely that you would want to have another to merge ideas with to create something new and exciting. Once this is “won” you would want to protect the knowledge from those who could misuse it.

Connection to Mother
With having your Moon in the eighth house, relationship with your mother was a power struggle. At some points, she would win with manipulation and deceit which triggered you to find reasons for her actions. In return, you would do the same to her and the cycle continues. In the end, this created distrust and resentment and a need for transformation to heal the relationship. Though this is the dynamic of you and your mother, it sets the stage of how you nurture yourself through relationships by finding ways to recreate this type of dynamic.

But with the Moon in Aries, there’s a deep outcry to be an individual who expresses their authentic self without fear of manipulation. You have tremendous potential locked away in the mind which could be of use to break away from this energetic hold.

Emotional Needs  
Aries is all about individuality and pursuing ideas but while in the eighth house, that is originally ruled by Scorpio, it would have you pursue those ideas with another in mind and accept standing circumstances.  The eighth house signifies an area in your life where you will have obstacles to reflect on. This natural tension makes it a challenge to maintain a healthy relationship with the other and the Self simultaneously.

With having such a strong Aries placement in the eighth house, the great mental chase will eventually evolve to possession, control, and eventually release of resources and/or loved one. This cycle will help you learn how to dance with your instinct to see where your power truly lies. Once deeply understood you are able to join a loved one with their ideas and resources in true harmony.

How to integrate change without disruption
With Aries Moon, you are here to learn how to not suppress your need for independence and intimacy. By acknowledging your need for independence and togetherness, you are able to state clear boundaries and feel satisfied when engaging with another. There’s an ambivalence that runs deep within you because of what you have learned from your mother. You might feel if you give your all, you’ll lose yourself and risk the chance to be “destroyed”. However, with a balanced mind and honesty about what triggers you, you are able to keep a healthy, intimate relationship with another.

How to nourish others – On the path with Mercury
With the Moon in the eighth house, you are sensitive to other people’s feelings of frustration, jealousy, and pain. When on the path of serving others Mercury rules you and the sensitives can be seen as a gift. With your intellect, you learn how to navigate dark emotions and help other’s see a way out of their dark situation systematically. You give the passion and hope that is needed to see their way through and breakdown psychological barriers. With this gift, you hold the light for those that are in the dark and inspire them to start over again.

Based on your Mercury placement in the natal chart, you are able to gain more insight into how you are able to do so.

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Be a Friend to Yourself | New Moon 15 degrees in Aquarius

A new emotional cycle begins in the sign of Aquarius! The Moon in Aquarius prompts us to retreat from external observations to internal. We must look within to find what it means to be a true friend to ourselves and hold that space.

How we relate to others gives insight into how we relate to ourselves.

But what does that mean?

I will go into that based on your rising sign below. But first, let’s understand New Moon in Aquarius a little more…

Meaning of the Moon phase

With the New Moon in Aquarius, come clean and know what you stand for and why it makes you different from others. It’s important to see where you begin and end within the whole to gain a greater understanding of who you are. What you have to offer is of value, but only if you understand what it is that you are offering. So dig deep and understand how you can befriend yourself and listen in on what makes you different.

The Aspects
The sextile the Moon makes to Jupiter 15 degrees in Sagittarius, gives a joyful feeling to this internal process due to a sense of direction. However, you’ll have to give a little effort to make this happen. So feel excited about your future and take the chance for growth when it presents itself.

With the Moon conjunct Mercury, you can expect mental chatter or communications that will trigger the spark for change.  

Ruler of the sign
The rulers of Aquarius are Saturn (traditional) and Uranus (modern). Saturn 15 degrees in Capricorn (his own sign) gives a need to understand how to be your own authority. Since Saturn is a slow-moving planet, this feeling has been building upon itself for the past few months and will continue to do so during this Lunar transit. Uranus being the other ruler of Aquarius 28 degrees in Aries, is wrapping up lessons on how to be independent (hopefully) in a healthy manner. Uranus can be a bit sporadic but always keep in mind that it is for the evolution for the Soul.  

How this moon relates to the past moon phase
When the Moon was full in Leo it prompted us to celebrate who we’ve become in the past two years. Embrace your Gifts | Total Lunar Eclipse – Super Blood Moon in Leo. Now that the Moon is new in Aquarius, we must see how we play with others responsibly.

Now onto how the New Moon in Aquarius will affect each rising sign. If you know your rising sign you can skip down to read yours. Enjoy!

Aries Rising
If you are Aries rising, you have the Moon transiting your eleventh house of friendships. Your focus for renewal is your network and friendships. It’s important to review your connections and how honest you are with what you want to do with them. With the sextile to Jupiter in the ninth house of higher knowledge, you can expect opportunities to expand your knowledge through mentorship and connect with internationals. If acted upon this opportunity you are able to lead your community to the next level of production or find yourself in a new circle that helps you feel fulfilled.

A question to ask yourself
How can I use my ideas to benefit my chosen community?

Taurus Rising
If you are Taurus rising, you have the Moon transiting your tenth house of reputation. Your focus for renewal is your reputation and career. It’s time to check in with yourself and see how you ’ve been fulfilling your leadership roles. Perhaps there’s a need to tweak things on how you express your authority. With the sextile to Jupiter in the eighth house of other’s desires, you can expect opportunities to see their intentions clearly so take it and run with it!

A question to ask yourself
How can I best involve myself with the public so that I have direction in my career?

Gemini Rising
If you are Gemini rising, you have the Moon transiting the ninth house of higher knowledge. Your focus for renewal is how to gather higher knowledge and where to go to attain it. There’s a need for release from old patterns and find new ways to emotionally satisfy yourself. So figure out what will be the next best thing to learn and broaden your mental horizon. With the sextile to Jupiter in the seventh house of partnership, you can expect opportunities to connect with another who is receptive to your ideas and want to go on a new adventure with you.

A question to ask yourself
Why have I been holding myself back from learning something new?

Cancer Rising
If you are Cancer rising, you have the Moon transiting your eighth house of joint desires. Your focus for renewal is on how to use other’s resources and merge with their desires. While the Moon is transiting your eighth house, you are more sensitive to those around you. You’ll feel others suppressed anger, resentment, and need for release more than usual. These sensations will help you recognize your own internal conflict and work to release them so that you can eventually help those that are struggling. This process is not easy but with deep meditation and quiet time during the New Moon in Aquarius, you are promised to find your starting point. With the sextile to Jupiter in the sixth house of service, it will enhance your ability to be of service to those that are struggling emotionally.

A question to ask yourself
How can I better understand my shame and or pain so that I can help others understand theirs too?

Leo Rising
If you are Leo rising, you have the Moon transiting your seventh house of partnerships. Your focus for renewal is how to relate to others, especially your marriage or business partner. This is considered a new cycle to dive into where you’ll have to see your connections honestly. With the sextile to Jupiter in the fifth house of creative endeavors, there’s excitement and hope around hobbies and new projects. Perhaps new project with a partner will transpire this month which will bring social opportunities to one another.

A question to ask yourself
How can I better understand myself so that my relationships are balanced and of great quality?

Virgo Rising
If you are Virgo rising, you have the Moon transiting your sixth house of service. Your focus for renewal is how and why you work. Through fitness, diet, and setting limits on how much you work this will help give clear boundaries and ability to serve profoundly. With the sextile to Jupiter in the fourth house of the home, it’ll be easy to tap into the ‘why’ you work by fulfilling your domestic duties and connecting to your emotions. With this deeper understanding, it will give you the boost that is needed to keep you moving and innovating ways of serving at your job.

A question to ask yourself
How can I check in daily to make sure I do not overwork myself to exhaustion?

Libra Rising
If you are Libra rising, you have the Moon transiting your fifth house. Your focus for renewal is how to express yourself on the world stage. While the Moon is New in Aquarius, it is best for you to see where you spend your “free time” and if it is attributing to who you want to be. The need to play and socialize is important, however, too much of it will not allow enough time to serve your greatest desire. With the sextile to Jupiter from the third house of communications, there’s a chance for social opportunities where you can share information with others.

A question to ask yourself
How do I spend my “free-time” and is it serving my greatest desire?

Scorpio Rising
If you are Scorpio rising, you have the moon transiting your fourth house of the home. Your focus for renewal is your home life and how to relate to your emotional longings and family. There’s constant instability in the home which presses on the need to understand how you are contributing to your home life. With the sextile to Jupiter, you can expect an opportunity for financial help or advice on how to expand your material values from women who embody their feminine nature. With this help, it might ease the anxiety that you have about your home life.

A question to ask yourself
How can I be present with myself so I can understand what I need to feel emotionally secure?

Sagittarius Rising
If you are Sagittarius rising, you have the Moon transiting your third house of communications. Your focus for renewal is how to communicate ideas to others and if you are speaking to improve your mental state and or theirs. With the sextile to Jupiter from the first house, you can trust your sense of direction. Communications from women who embody their feminine nature can be insightful and trigger thoughts on how to continue to be a true friend to yourself.

A question to ask yourself
How can I express soft-independence and strength when communicating ideas to others?

Capricorn Rising
If you are Capricorn rising, you have the Moon transiting your second house of spiritual/material values. Your focus for renewal is how to establish security through your physical/spiritual values. Quiet the mind and think about how you’ve acted on your values from the past. Getting rid of things that you don’t care for as you are sifting out what you no longer need emotionally might be useful. With the sextile to Jupiter in the tenth house, there’s an opportunity to expand your ability to serve the public and be the optimist that is needed in your chosen community. Also, women who are in authority to you and embody their feminine nature can be of great help too.

A question to ask yourself
How does my spiritual/physical material values affect my ability to serve?

Aquarius Rising
If you are Aquarius rising, you have the Moon transiting your first house of individuality. The New Moon in your first house can assist you by simply focusing on yourself. There’s gold to be found when you are able to quiet the mind and feel your emotions. Be honest with yourself for it’s your compass. With the sextile to Jupiter in the eleventh house, it’ll be best to examine how you connect to your friends and or network. There’s an opportunity to expand your network and increase joy in your life.

A question to ask yourself
Do I express my emotions to my friends/network clearly so that we are on the same page?

Pisces Rising
If you are Pisces rising, you will have the Moon transiting your twelfth house of Liberation. Your focus for renewal is how to relate to yourself during your time alone.  Time for rest and introspection is important for you because your subconscious is bubbling up past experience that still needs processing. It’s best to release them from your mind and recognize your dreams and aspirations for the future. With the sextile to Jupiter in the tenth house, you can expect an opportunity to take authority of your career with your yearnings in mind.

A question to ask yourself
How can I relax so that I can show who I am and take authority of my life?

Embrace your Gifts | Total Lunar Eclipse – Super Blood Moon

Let’s celebrate how far we’ve come!

The Moon illuminated 0 degrees in Leo on January 20, 2019, marks a special moment for us. It’s eclipsed and considered a super blood moon because of the rusty color and how close it appears to us on Earth.

With the Moon being in Leo, it gives us an opportunity to review our gifts and see how much we’ve valued them. It illuminates our minds and helps us see how we worked with them to increase happiness and joy in our lives.

You’re Awesome!

Meaning of Moon phase
The total lunar eclipse 0 degrees in Leo, marks the completion of a two-year cycle of play and figuring out how to give our gifts to others.
Leo speaks to the part of us that need love and appreciation for being ourselves. It speaks to the need to be seen and for innocent play. In the past couple of years with the alternation of Aquarius/ Leo solar/lunar eclipses, we had to learn how to be of service to ourselves and others. By playing, creating, and having TRUE fun we fulfill the Leo part in our charts, thus, able to be of service to our chosen community (Aquarius).

Think back in the past two years and reflect on how it has shaped you to this point.

The​ ​Aspects
While the Moon is in Leo it will oppose Mercury 25 degrees in Capricorn, square Uranus 28 degrees in Aries, and conjunct the North Node 26 degrees in Cancer (Eclipse).

Moon being the mind and Mercury being the intellect, there’s a struggle between what society says is right and what you feel is right. This could create an imbalance in the mind and give a sense of uncertainty and need for security. But, with the Moon square Uranus, there’s a need to rebel with a cause. This absolute need for freedom will help give the experience you need to feel like you are embracing who you are and continuing to develop your Soul’s intentions ( Moon conjunct North Node). As the Moon eclipsed, review how you owned your right to be an authority of your life. Review your skills and talents and work to develop them so they are part of your foundation.

Ruler​ ​of​ ​the​ ​sign​ ​aspects
The Ruler of Leo, the Sun barely made its way into forward-thinking, Aquarius. Aquarius is all about being the server of society. This energy understands the value of society and individuality. It believes that all ideas are welcomed and valued, especially when used appropriately to progress society. With the Sun in this sign conjunct Mercury 25 degrees in Capricorn, there’s a serious tone to the Eclipse in Leo. It touches on the need to communicate and be aware of how forward-thinking you are with gifts and talents. Think of ways of how you can be of service to others with your talents. Perhaps include your employer or those who are of authority in on the conversation too.

With the Sun conjunct Pluto, expect psychological transformation. Pluto requires death for rebirth and anything you’ve been holding on to mentally is ready to release. Once this takes place, merge with a part of you that wants greater things and live out those desires.

While Pluto is doing its work, The Sun will square Uranus in Aries. It is possible that you’ll have the unwillingness to compromise with anything less than ideal. Using this aspect in good light is beneficial as you pave the way to the Capricorn-Cancer eclipse cycle that’s to come.

How​ ​this​ ​moon​ ​relates​ ​to​ ​the​ ​past​ ​moon​ ​phase
When the Moon was New in Capricorn there was a need to be introspective and see that you are in charge of your emotions. >> You are in Charge | New Moon – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn << Now that the Moon is eclipse in Leo, you must use your gifts, talents, and joy for support.

Move forward with Joy!

What’s​ ​to​ ​come?
As the Leo- Aquarius cycle wraps up lessons, we will be moving on to the Capricorn-Cancer eclipse cycle. Expect transformation with how you take authority and how you relate to yourself emotionally. The next year will help us be more serious with our gifts and force us to be structured and responsible. But don’t let this discourage you. This is to help you feel secure and able to provide physical security for you and your family.

Emotional Independence from the Material | Moon in Aries in the Second house

If you have Moon in Aries in the second house material gains and achieving sensual urges comfort you. Your motto is to “to have” and you go after things/people with great force and attention. With the energy of Aries, you are creative in your pursuit to meet desires and please emotions.

You are able to create opportunities for yourself to get the next big thing. Starting at a young age, liquid assets are bound to fluctuate and what you’ve learned from the mother can be the culprit. You deeply felt your mother’s financial and material insecurities. She was unable to fulfill her financial desires, thus you internalized this as a child. Your mother’s story about money and material gains replay in your head as if they were your own. So, you take action to gain what you need and want. This is in the forefront of your daily life. The deep fear of not getting what you need pushes impulsivity. When frustrated, you can fall victim to spending large lump sums of money on food and home items. As you mature, you will reach financial/material goals and continue to make new ones. This will continue the fluctuation of assets, yet in a stable, conscious manner.

You feel most secure when you can take the lead of acquiring what you value at any cost. You know what you want and tend to go after it with passion, enthusiasm, and perseverance. Time would be your best friend since you must learn how to apply your emotional energy.

The shadow side of this placement is the unfulfillment of goals. Due to a lack of perseverance and concentration, you are back with mother. You depend on her ability to support your livelihood. Either the mother or any mother figure who could play this role for you.

If you are on The Path, your ruler is no longer impulsive Mars but cognitive Mercury.

With Mercury, you learn to understand emotional impulses and use the mind to please the heart. You learn to understand the true value of things and how they can support you and your family in the long run. You will collect things of use instead of uselessness and invest your money and time accordingly. In this state, you will no longer fall for instant gratification but look to the future with a clear mind.

You are in Charge | New Moon in Capricorn – Solar Eclipse

On January 5, 2019, we have the first new moon of the year 15 degrees in Capricorn and a Solar Eclipse!

During this cycle, we must see ourselves as the authority of our emotions. It’s an excellent time to shift our attention to the lessons of Capricorn while the Sun is partially eclipsed 15 degrees Capricorn. The energy of Capricorn is about owning personal power and working with raw materials/knowledge to create an order for success. With Pisces being the opposing sign, we’ve noticed chaos in our lives and how it can not be tolerated anymore. We have talents that must be developed and finally, we say yes to them.

With the Sun in Capricorn, we can see this as an opportunity to gain some perspective on how we will use this year to our best advantage and reach our personal definition of success.

Meaning of Moon phase
The New Moon means it is time for us to pray, meditate, and start with a clean slate. This is a dark period and is best used with honesty and sincerity. The shadow side of Capricorn can be overwhelming. Be mindful of the need to be recognized as an authority without deserving it. Instead, organize your day so that your emotional and physical needs are met. Once this is mastered, you are able to use your skills to organize others who are in need, thereby mastering the lesson that the energy of Capricorn is giving.

With the harmonious aspect to Neptune 14 degrees in Pisces, we can expect a gentle reminder of our emotional/physical needs. Capricorn is typically known to be emotionally reserved, but with the aspect to Neptune, it dissolves the hardened exterior and exposes the soft insides.

Ruler of the Sign
Saturn being 11 degrees in Capricorn is in a tight orb aspect to the Moon. Because of the conjunction from Saturn,  we feel the weight of our lessons that must be learned now. There’s a need to work on emotional vulnerability. There are a time and place for emotional vulnerability and Saturn frowns on the misuse of emotions. He reminds us that we must be in control or we will be controlled by others.

Saturn wants us to value our dreamy state with Neptune but also see the necessity to use our emotions appropriately so it doesn’t get the best of us. Endure the lessons and recognize Saturn is helping us build a solid foundation for 2019.

How​ ​this​ ​moon​ ​relates​ ​to​ ​the​ ​past​ ​moon​ ​phase
When the moon was Full in Cancer we were able to get a glimpse of what we needed to feel emotionally secure in 2019. >> Nurture Your Soul | Full Moon in Cancer <<. Now that the Moon is new and the Sun is eclipsed in Capricorn,  we commit to the Goal with Saturn and move up the mountain!

3​ ​points​ ​on​ ​how​ ​to​ ​take​ ​action​ ​with​ this ​Moon cycle​

  • Be in prayer or meditation to reconnect to your Soul
  • See what is able to be accomplished this year (BE REALISTIC)
  • Create a map to reach your goal and stick to it no matter what!

Happy New Year!

My Work with Saturn hasn’t been easy in the articles below I share my journey

My Walk with Saturn

My Walk with Saturn ll

Happy New Year!

Nurture Your Soul | Full Moon in Cancer

Happy Winter Solstice!

On December 22, 2018, the Moon will be Full in the sign of Cancer. The Moon is comfortable in this constellation and able to navigate our emotions with ease without much manipulation. Now that the Moon is complete in her cycle, we must be mindful of the conditions of our Soul.

Issues that have been vaguely tugging at our sense of security in the past couple of weeks are ready to come to the light. It’s been incubating with the cardinal waters of Cancer and its intention is to flow and help shape future reality.

The theme of the past New Moon helped us confront our inner truth
>> New Moon in Sagittarius. <<

Now with the Full Moon in Cancer, It is up to us to use this moment to our advantage and move with the cardinal waters. The truth of our emotional nature speaks with sensations and shows our personal needs. It is all about our ability to nurture our personal truth so that it eventually will have a life of its own.

Let it be obvious on ‘the how to’ nurture your truth: a child, project, job, home, emotional needs, etc. and take absolute responsibility for it.

Projecting on the other is no longer needed.

With the sextile to Uranus, we can use this energy to revolutionize our internal landscape. It allows us to clean house and see where we have not owned our individuality and talents. It will be the last time to do so with Uranus since this energy won’t be in Aries till eighty years from now.

Good luck!

Come home, clean house, nurture yourself!

Question to Ask Yourself

How can I structure my life so that it is constructively honoring my feelings?

Moon in Aries in the First House

If you have Moon in Aries in the first house, you are seen as an emotionally driven individual. You are strong-willed, energetic, and often ruthless in your pursuit for new adventures. You are not afraid of the unknown and tend to go head first with new opportunities. Many cannot keep up with your fervor for life and they tend to be fueled by your enthusiasm or repulsed by it.

You feel most nurtured when you lead and have control of your life. When young, you move based on gut reaction and like to figure out the details later. Life may appear to have many ups and downs especially during an outer planet transit (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). When these types of transits take place, you’ll experience a  prolonged overwhelming feeling to be “out there” and innovation on how you relate emotionally will manifest to get you there.

There’s a need to balance feminine and masculine energy and as you mature you will learn to do so gracefully. There will be times to be passive and times to be aggressive and you will feel this intensely. To pay close attention to the cycles of the moon will be helpful because of your sensitivity to the energetic impulses of the environment and ether. When knowing what phase or sign the moon is in, you’ll understand your deeper nature and what to do at the moment if lost in direction. With the Moon in the first house, you are considered to be psychic and sensitive to the emotions and thoughts of those around you. Therefore, can manipulate or be manipulated. However, with the Moon in Aries, you quickly learn how to set boundaries and demand respect. If the other isn’t reciprocating your need for boundaries and independence, you move on to the next adventure quickly leaving the person behind without apology.

Your Mother was the type to push you to do something new. She instilled the need to have direction in your life through action, consequently, you work with her lessons in mind.  Trial and error is a common thing for you and you feel comfortable in this cycle. You learn quickly on how to react and enjoy the process of bending the environment to your liking. Although, this takes time and practice and also doesn’t include other planetary aspects that could change the nature of this.

If you are on the Spiritual path, you are operating under Mercury’s domain. Mercury is the ruler of communication, the logical mind, and understanding facts of spirit and material matter. Engaging in life with your mind and intuition is what you are here to master. Instead of emotions or the logical mind ruling you, you are here to use them both at your expense to guide you in life. You are here to bring new ideas to the environment and be the pioneer that plants the first seeds through action. Yes, there will be issues along the way, but through understanding you are able to avoid similar issues in the future.

Watch your Thoughts and Words | New Moon in Sagittarius 15 degrees

Sagittarius is mutable fire. It moves with inner ‘Wisdom’ and knowledge from higher places regardless of surroundings. The energy of Sagittarius follows its own ethics, and for the most part, sticks with the flow of “doing better” or “anywhere else but here”. It is aware of where it’s headed and moving away from. The details may not be included but big picture thinking is what’s needed at the moment. The goal is to attain knowledge through experience which will grant wisdom to share with others.

With the square to Neptune and Mars, this might be done with haste and confusion. New Moon in Sagittarius marks a time for a call to action and to be emotionally prepared.  It is easy to slip into the “anywhere else but here” attitude of Sagittarius, but tune in and see what you are moving away from.

During this phase of the Moon, we are greeted with the Dark Goddess. She is familiar with the unknown and does best with transforming psychological blockages. At this time, she prompts us to move forward with inner Wisdom and stillness. Moon square Mars signifies that there will be uncomfortable interactions in the home or with women that we are close to. Paired with Neptune, we could fall into our own delusions and continue to ignore the obvious while numbing up with vices. This could be occurring a week or so prior to or after the New Moon so know that you are not alone. The best that we can do in this phase is to be still and listen to the inner Wisdom speak. Watch your thoughts, listen to your words, and clear the path.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Am I seeing my situation at home clearly?

Is there a cultural difference that must be addressed?

Am I expressing my inner truth clearly with those that are close to me?

How can I move with peace and be flexible during this change?



Sorry, I’m not sorry | Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018

Jupiter is now in Sagittarius. It’s time to be open to new inspiration!

We were deep in Scorpio to analyze our deeper motives. We saw what made us push to make something happen and understood the reason for doing so. We worked with our grief, power struggles, and survived through one of the darkest hours that were all too real. As a collective, we had to see the ugly, find the truth, and cut nonsense out of our lives ruthlessly. We even got to see this action through media on a larger scale i.e. all the sex scandals.  

Now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius, a new journey begins. On October 8th, 2018, Jupiter entered Sagittarius putting us through an awkward transition from being quiet and broody to unapologetically ourselves.  The journey that is worthy to tell is at our grasp and it is time to take what is rightfully ours. The stories we tell ourselves are more apparent therefore can be rewritten to match our full potential. Our mortality will be brought to the forefront and challenged against life’s circumstances. It’s time to see what we are made of.

What you believe can be acted upon with great force and enthusiasm. Expand your horizon!

There’s a goal to be accomplished and it is along the lines of belief, religion, experience with other cultures, and connection to our cosmic Self. What is required for us to keep our strong connection to ‘God’ is to envision what needs to be physical and say what needs to be said. Jupiter in his own sign gives us inspiration that comes suddenly like a lightning bolt and paves the way to manifest our wildest dreams. We are learning the secrets of the cosmos, finding meaning to life and communicating with others on a larger scale. Synchronicity is also something to expect during this time. Perhaps, the teacher that you’ve been waiting for will appear, or your time to teach will come.


Now let’s get into how it’ll affect you depending on what house Jupiter transits in your natal birth chart.

First house
If you have Jupiter transiting the first house, your perspective on your life, appearance, and how people see you shifts. During Jupiter in Sagittarius, you’ll have a desire to explore new opportunities, change your appearance, and branch out to new pastures in life. You’ll break limitations on how you see yourself and feel more confident in your abilities to start something new. People will see you as jovial and willing to try something new. You’ll emphasize the beauty in life and all the good things that life has to offer. Your vitality will increase and you will project a will to live to the fullest. You might even start your own business.

Second house
If you have Jupiter transiting the second house of values, how you value ideas, money, and material things will be your focal point. During Jupiter in Sagittarius, the way you see money will rapidly change. Your perspective on how you receive and spend money will change due to a new philosophy. You’ll have more confidence in your ability to make money and increase your intake of rich foods and drink. You’ll have more emotional and philosophical views of the things you have and may rid of those that do not reflect your newfound values.

Third house
If you have Jupiter transiting the third house of communication, your desire and determination to communicate your thoughts will increase. You’ll look for opportunities to improve your communication skills and will put yourself in the presence of others who are more knowledgeable than you.  There will be opportunities to work with a new skill, broaden your perspective of your surroundings, and increase interaction with the common folk or common knowledge. You will have more opportunities to have philosophical discussions and will have a desire to learn new philosophies. It’ll be beneficial to take courses on philosophy and entertain them with others. Short-distance traveling is also a possibility to learn new skills, culture, or philosophy.  

Fourth house
If you have Jupiter transiting your fourth house of the home, you have opportunities to expand your home or move to a bigger living space. There will be an opportunity to nest and understand what it means to call a place home no matter where it is. There will be gifts of convenience such a new car or just daily comforts of food and drink. Emotions might be dramatic and sporadic, but overall it is a great period to learn how to be comfortable with yourself in every emotional state.  

Fifth house
If you have Jupiter transiting your fifth house of creativity, you can expect a new understanding of your love affairs, hobbies, lovers,  children, and spiritual teachings. You’ll have revelations on how to pursue your goals in this aspect of life and have the energy to do so. If you are wanting to be back in the dating game, Jupiter will give plenty of opportunities. If you are wanting to explore new hobbies, there will be plenty to start. Jupiter may even gift you a child or a new project to explore.

Sixth house
If you have Jupiter transiting your sixth house of service, you can expect an increase of ideas of how you can use your philosophy through your daily service, work, job, and how you care for your body. It’ll be a great period to increase your knowledge about health, paying off debts, and learn a philosophy that connects body, mind, and spirit. Your employer can come off more jovial and optimistic than usual about expanding the business and giving you a bonus or higher position. If you are an employer, your employees will seem to have more optimism about their job and be willing to achieve goals that are set out for them. Combining bigger picture thinking with the details come with greater ease than usual as well.

Seventh house
If you have Jupiter transiting your seventh house, you can expect a new mindset on how you relate to others, the institution of marriage, and what it means to be balanced in your interactions. Jupiter will give you new relationships that are adventurous and expand your belief system… or at least attempt to. You’ll pursue after someone that is “Sagittarius” in nature and is willing to say what needs to said and be whatever they need to be to get what they want. Pursuing after this type of person will help you understand how you could be when you are wanting to reach a goal.


Eighth house
If Jupiter is transiting your eighth house of death and rebirth, you can expect opportunities to work with other peoples resources and increase it 10-fold. Helping others understand their worth through your own stories trials and tribulations would be beneficial for a loved one. It will help them see their abilities to be reborn and try again at something new. You’ll also see the value of joint assets and how combined forces can make you and the other powerful. You’ll experience passionate newfound beliefs during this time, therefore be mindful of how ruthless you could be to your loved one. Only remove those that are not supportive of your new path.


Ninth house
If you have Jupiter transiting your ninth house of higher education, you can expect a desire to use your intuition with your gained knowledge. You’ll see that the knowledge that you currently have is limiting and that there’s more to learn and understand through using it. There will be opportunities to travel long-distance on land for education and to meet mentors. You will learn how other people live and why it works for them. You’ll see that there’s a world beyond yours and that you are part of the Cosmic dance. This lesson will help you see how important it is for you to live up to your full potential and never hold back what needs to be done.

Tenth house
If you have Jupiter transiting through your tenth house, you can expect a desire to be of public service to increase. You’ll see the value of being of service to others and see that your ability to be structured, industrious, and methodical can come in handy to the public. Your mindset will also shift on what it means to be of service. You might be given responsibilities from your superiors to spearhead a project that suddenly came to you. Your reputation will also improve if you use it to your advantage. Your service will be seen as a joy to the community and it increases the quality of life.  

Eleventh house
If you have Jupiter transiting through your eleventh house, you can expect higher gains through social networks. The people that you know may come off as optimistic, therefore willing to give you the push you need to go after your goals. You’ll also have a change of view of how you see your friends and the gains you have from being in their circle.  You’ll feel rich from relating to them and willing to give all that you have in exchange. You might even explore new social circles because of current limiting beliefs.


Twelfth house
If you have Jupiter transiting through your twelfth house, you can expect a need to isolate from the hustle. Meditation, retreats, and perhaps long-distance traveling over water will be more accessible. You worked hard and the stress of work catapults you to relax and use your time to connect to your resting nature. You might even want to work with those that are less fortunate or those that are in prison due to restrictions of beliefs. Through meditation, prayer, or time alone, you will expand your consciousness and see what was holding you back.  


Commune with Spirit | Mercury Retrograde 13 Degrees in Sagittarius

Here’s a little insight on Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius. There’s nothing to freak out about. No need to rush into anything new.

It is time to review, reflect, and reorganize our beliefs about the coming year. Mercury, the planet that signifies our reasoning, helps us review what’s been done and where to readjust our focus on the mission.

Mercury square Neptune 13 degrees in Pisces brings confusion in crisis so it is not necessary to rationalize right now. Let your thoughts play its course and see where they lead. Thoughts are like fortune tellers that are layered with feeling and possibilities. Through discernment and application, after the retrograde, you will see what is possible in reality.

Ruler of Sagittarius – Jupiter

When Mercury station-retrograde in Sagittarius, Jupiter (who is also in Sagittarius) trine the North Node 29 degrees in Cancer and square Mars 1 degree in Pisces. This shows that inspiration about our destiny in life and ethics are highlighted. Work with your feeling nature and let possibilities of action play in mind. Write down your thoughts and review them during this retrograde. With the square to Mars, there might be a struggle with how to move forward because of the cyclic/emotional nature of Pisces. Don’t let this hold you back! Continue to roam with your thoughts and then commit to a path once Spirit shows what is tangible.

Good luck,