Moon Transit in Gemini

Communication of ideas is in the air! Moon waxing in the sign of Gemini helps you set your intentions and put them into action through verbal or written word.

This is the best time to take your ideas and communicate them to your surroundings and see how others respond to them. Are they open and feeling your enthusiasm? Are they giving you any suggestions on how to take your ideas to the next level? Are you considering their advice? Use your discernment and rational abilities to understand what advice is useful and what is not.

Gemini is the sign that is all about communicating ideas, sharing perspectives, and integrating what was useful from the interaction. This intelligent sign motivates you to gain insight from different walks of life so that you can be more effective in your goals, however, this is the case if you are receptive to it.

If you are bouncing back in forth from one perspective to the next without integration, you may be dealing the shadow of Gemini.

Shadow of Gemini
Combating the shadow of Gemini can have you feeling cold and indifferent to new information that is being given from others. You may also be stuck on your own personal wisdom instead of being open-minded and using your intuition to differentiate what is right for you.

Take care to what you are receiving from the environment and use your discerning abilities so that you can take the right action for your goals.

Have fun!