The Capricorn personality is the initiate of the zodiac who is steady, stable, and reserved and perseveres for a cause. When an individual has a strong Capricorn personality, nothing will keep them from making their appointed goal. You can depend on a Capricorn dominate individual to work strategically with opportunities and work well with given limitations to make the best out of a situation. These individuals can make gold out of lead, in other words. Because Capricorn is a cardinal, earth sign, to find security in their chosen community is their highest ambition and are more than capable of reaching this objective.

Glyph Capricorn
The glyph of Capricorn has two straight lines that meet one another in a circle. A crescent, which represents the melding of authority and responsibility, is strengthened by energy and passion.

Traditional and Esoteric- Saturn

Dark Green and Brown will help strengthen what Capricorn symbolizes.

Blue Sapphire to strengthen Saturn
Emerald to strengthen Mercury
Diamond or white sapphire to strengthen Venus

If devoted to the Soul Path, Ray 3: Abstract Intelligence and Activity

Original House Ruler
House 10 rules career status potential, public service, fame potential and more!

Capricorn Ascendant
If you have Capricorn as your Rising or Ascendant, your life path is about tapping into your abstract intelligence and taking steady action from your discoveries. You may experience a life that seems too elusive and find yourself unable to function in the best way you think possible. You may feel that your life would improve if there were more structure and order, and as you evolve spiritually, you will find that you are capable of bringing the order that seems to be lacking in your life. By following through as the initiate that you are, you will become an authority in your life and community because of your long-learned lessons from your ruler Saturn.

What are your lessons? That depends on your placement of your natal Saturn.


Capricorn Sun
Born: December 22- January 20th
If you have a Capricorn Sun, you feel creatively stable if you are able to create structure out of what seems to be chaotic in your life. People who are familiar with you may see you as a person who is reserved, dependable, honest, decisive, and realistic. In consequence to your calculative, fixated personality, you will discover solutions to problems that may not have been easily attainable by your peers. However, this is possible because you wouldn’t have started a project if you hadn’t perceived an outcome that would be beneficial to you and others.

Capricorn Moon
If you have Capricorn moon, you are very protective of your emotions and not easy to read. You take life very seriously and take on responsibility for emotional security. You desire for intimacy but may have trouble expressing yourself fully due to past events in which you were taken advantage of because of your ability to be loyal and hardworking.

In esoteric astrology, the moon sign is known as the place where the soul is held, meaning, your main struggle in this life is the shadow of Capricorn. The shadow of Capricorn reveals itself when you struggle with being deceptive, busy, and mental pride.

Whatever happened in the past may have triggered these qualities, and they are now in your subconscious memory. When under stress, the Shadow of Capricorn emerges and takes over your emotional body and mental process creating havoc in your personal life. But know that you can overcome this by being mindful of what is going on with you emotionally instead of instantly reacting to a situation out of instinct. Take the moment to stop, feel, reflect, then respond.

You have the ability to rise above the emotional/mental chaos by understanding and overcoming it, that’s why you have Moon in Capricorn!