The Scorpio personality is mysterious, sensitive, intense, ambitious, dark, and constantly in the death/rebirth phenomenon. They are very intuitive and live in the subconscious because at an early age, Scorpios noticed that life is not as it seems and that there is a law that is ruling life as we know it. Scorpios can be interested in the occult, anything that has to do with death or the idea of it, and owning their own power or others’. Because they are ruled by Mars, Scorpio’s tend to focus on power struggles in their life because they don’t want to be owned by anyone or thing and they feel that they are accomplished once they have mastered their emotions and life around them. Scorpio, being a sexual sign, means that they are a sign of merging; two becoming one. This need to merge with others or life fuels Scorpio’s tendency to have power struggles because they must learn how to kill parts of themselves that will not serve. Scorpio is a Fixed, Water sign that has an extreme focus on a goal that is emotionally thrilling and challenging.

Glyph Scorpio
Scorpio is a triple sign, meaning that the human experience is crucial for the Scorpio sign to master. The Scorpio sign must prove to himself by persevering through trials to understand the deeper meaning of their soul and life.

In symbolic terms, the glyph of Scorpio curved line and arrow represents strong emotions tied to practicality and aiming for higher consciousness.

Traditional- Mars and Pluto

Maroon, Crimson, and Burgundy

Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, and Ruby

If devoted to the Soul Path, Ray 4: Harmony through conflict

Original House Ruler
The 8th house rules legacies, spiritual awakening, paranormal experiences and more…

Scorpio Ascendant
If you are Scorpio Rising (Ascendant) your life path is about bringing harmony in your life through conflict. You will experience plenty of hardship and pain due to how you believe you should be treated and how others should respond to you, and this will propel you to bring harmony. Because of your x-ray vision you either see or sense when others are being deceptive, and this may turn people off or on because they either do or don’t want to be seen for who they truly are.


Scorpio Sun
If you have Scorpio Sun, you may be seen as a person who is dark and mysterious either because you are super reserved or you express your inner self deeply and it may be hard for others to grasp your deep understanding and creativity. However, you prefer to live this way because you intuitively understand there is a deeper meaning to life and that all must not be said at once.  You value your ability to create with passion and unique perspective and do not bow down to anything that isn’t worthy of your intense, focused energy.

Scorpio Moon
If you have Scorpio Moon, you have a warrior spirit which is very determined to achieve what you have set yourself out to do. You are highly intuitive and as your soul develops, you learn to trust it. For you to feel emotionally secure, you need a cause to devote yourself to so that you can give your copious amount of energy to something greater than yourself and be used by it.

In esoteric astrology, the moon sign is known as the place where the soul is held, meaning, your main struggle in this life is the shadow of Scorpio. The shadow of Scorpio reveals itself when you struggle with jealousy and possessiveness.

Whatever happened in the past may have triggered these qualities, and they are now in your subconscious memory. When under stress, the Shadow of Scorpio emerges and takes over your emotional body and mental process, therefore creating havoc in your life. But know that you can overcome this by being mindful of what is going on with you emotionally instead of instantly reacting to a situation out of instinct. Take the moment to stop, feel, reflect, then respond.

You have the ability to rise above the emotional/mental chaos by understanding, transcending,  and mastering it that’s why you have Moon in Scorpio!