The Taurus personality is earthy, steadfast, sensual, conservative, romantic, and enjoys working with tangible things. This personality takes everything into consideration and likes to take their time to make sure everything is in its place and used to it’s highest potential. They tend to see things in terms of their value and how it can be used practically. They enjoy luxuries such as fine food and clothing and can be indulgent in these things, however, they do deserve it because they do work hard for it. They usually won’t initiate an idea, but you can count on the Taurean to follow through methodically and practically with grace to completion. Taurus is considered a fixed sign, so they are blessed with the ability to keep their eye on the goal and follow it through till completion.

Taurus being a fixed sign likes to work with tangible things (instead of ideas and emotions) and are focused on maintaining it, reverting it back to how it was before, or stabilizing it. They like to build on their talents so that they can secure financial wealth and resources. Security is a big deal to the Taurean personality, so they don’t opt for change very often.

The glyph of Taurus is the bull Taurusfor use

The traditional ruler- Venus
The esoteric ruler- Vulcan

White and Green

Diamond, Coral, Emerald, Rose Quartz, and Garnet

If devoted to your Soul Path, Ray 4:  Harmony through conflict

Original Ruler House
House 2 rules personal possessions, sense of personal value, ability to save money, desires to accumulate resources.

Taurus Ascendant
If you have Taurus as your ascendant or rising, your soul purpose in this life is to bring harmony through conflict and to increase your spiritual values. Through your ability to devote yourself to a cause, you will fulfill your life path with the help of your quick intellect and succeed at preserving what you see necessary. As you develop in life, you have the possibility to be received wholeheartedly by others when you express your affections and sympathy. In this sign, your soul incarnation has the possibility to be courageous and to devote your life to something that needs to be spiritually and physically preserved. You work from the heart and others can feel it without a doubt! Through generosity, affection, love, use of the intellect, and sympathy you will fulfill your Soul’s purpose.


Sun in Taurus
Born: April 20- May 20
If you have the Sun in Taurus, you have a personality that is beautiful, perseverant, conservative, sensual, cautious and enjoys great company. You are seen as a hard worker who enjoys indulging in the senses and to keep family and friends close to home. You identify yourself as a person who is loyal to your values, family, and friends. You like to build with your hands and is very great at completing projects with grace. You are very in tune with how to comfort others with things such as food, drink, and clothing because you do this as a daily ritual for yourself.

Moon in Taurus (Exalted)
If you have Moon in Taurus, your thought patterns tend to be stable and slow to stray away from what you had originally decided upon. To feel emotionally secure, you crave for emotional stability and predictability. You aspire to distinguish between what emotions are necessary for certain moments and don’t like to get your emotions mixed with your outer persona. Relations with the mother could have been secure, stable, and or aesthetically appealing.

In esoteric astrology, your moon sign is known as where your soul is held, therefore, your main struggle in life is the shadow of Taurus. Moon in Taurus tends to be very stubborn about how they feel, self-serving with the motive of having material security (because of the worry of not having enough) and moodiness.  Whatever happened to you in the past may have triggered these qualities within and are now in your subconscious memory and jumps out when you are under stress. It must be accepted and transformed so that you can express higher qualities that are latent within you.  Once you are able to work with and surpass these hurdles, you can live a more purposeful life. Don’t let this energy hold you back, you can develop and move beyond this. That’s why you have the mind that you do!