The Complexities of Scorpio

As many novices of astrology or professional astrologers know, Scorpio is a very complex sign next to Aquarius. Those who have a strong Scorpio placement in their chart require many life and death scenarios throughout their life, and in consequence, can create and attract what they desire with great potency.

There are what are known as the three totems of the Scorpio and once I define them, you will have a sharper view of what kind of Scorpio you are heading towards, or what you are dealing with.

The three totems are: The Scorpion, the Eagle, the Phoenix, and Dove.


The Scorpion
The Scorpio personality starts with how to use the deadly stinger. Like any young poison bearer, the young scorpion tends to be the deadliest for they do not understand how much of their poison to release into its prey. The young give up an immense amount of its energy to strike at its prey, only to have to gain it back to make the adequate amount of poison for its next attack.

Like the young Scorpion, the Scorpio dominate personality who doesn’t understand their full potential can be deadly to his/her surroundings. He/she can be hypersensitive to not only his/her surroundings, but also to the energy beyond the veil that holds everything in place. They sense what is beyond the naked eye and will attack anything that is perceived as a threat to them. Oftentimes, they will wait until the threat least expect it to attack, so that they can catch it off guard and debilitate it. If the Scorpio is unevolved he/she’ll do this intentionally or subconsciously. They will sting the life out of their surroundings due to the fear that others may do the same to them if they are not careful. As you can see, the Scorpio deals with a lot of power struggles. When Scorpios become aware of themselves, they will notice that they are wasting a lot of their energy on trying to protect themselves from a perceived threat. If the Scorpio’s perception is skewed by their past experiences, they will recreate it over and over again until they learn to fly to higher ground to get a better perspective.


The Eagle
As the Scorpio evolves; they become aware that they are draining themselves by not fully understanding their current moment. At this point, they will reach for higher grounds and soar towards developing their mental faculties. They will attempt to do this through occult knowledge, science (such as psychology, physics, chemistry), and/or partner with others who are perceived in greater power than they currently are.

Like the eagle, Scorpio (who transforms from the scorpion to the eagle) is now elevated above their situation and gains a greater understanding of how their surrounding functions. Now don’t get it twisted. Scorpio in this stage of transformation still has its poison, but now the poison is not being over used. Now the Scorpio will utilize just enough to slow his perceived attacker down to get a better perspective of how to destroy it without draining him/herself. Through understanding how the perceived attacker functions, the Scorpio can manipulate his/her situation so that he/she comes out on top. However, over time Scorpio will find that the ability to manipulate and take advantage of his/her surroundings without returning anything can be spiritually draining, and leave them with bitter partners, friends, co-workers etc. The Scorpio personality does not like this, they need peace. They need transformation.


The Phoenix and Dove  
With the knowledge that they’ve gained from their intense studies, the Scorpio finds that they have an ability to heal their surroundings in a way that many may think is not possible. The Scorpio decides that they will use their knowledge to bring beneficial transformation to not only their lives, but other’s as well. They learn to control their poison so that it’ll be used as a medicine, instead of a death potion.

This is where death and rebirth come into play. The Scorpio who decides to transform into the Phoenix tends to rise above devastation with great will by using the catastrophe as fuel to empower their lives. By doing this, they show others their amazing abilities to perform alchemy and inspire hope (aka the Dove).

Those who have a strong Scorpio placement are very powerful in their own special way and should never be underestimated for they have the Divine Will and Power on their side. If the Scorpio decides enough is enough and chooses to tap into their undying fire, they will be unstoppable and create significant change in the world.  May the Scorpio aspire to be the Phoenix that they can be.

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