Commune with Spirit | Mercury Retrograde 13 Degrees in Sagittarius

Here’s a little insight on Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius. There’s nothing to freak out about. No need to rush into anything new.

It is time to review, reflect, and reorganize our beliefs about the coming year. Mercury, the planet that signifies our reasoning, helps us review what’s been done and where to readjust our focus on the mission.

Mercury square Neptune 13 degrees in Pisces brings confusion in crisis so it is not necessary to rationalize right now. Let your thoughts play its course and see where they lead. Thoughts are like fortune tellers that are layered with feeling and possibilities. Through discernment and application, after the retrograde, you will see what is possible in reality.

Ruler of Sagittarius – Jupiter

When Mercury station-retrograde in Sagittarius, Jupiter (who is also in Sagittarius) trine the North Node 29 degrees in Cancer and square Mars 1 degree in Pisces. This shows that inspiration about our destiny in life and ethics are highlighted. Work with your feeling nature and let possibilities of action play in mind. Write down your thoughts and review them during this retrograde. With the square to Mars, there might be a struggle with how to move forward because of the cyclic/emotional nature of Pisces. Don’t let this hold you back! Continue to roam with your thoughts and then commit to a path once Spirit shows what is tangible.

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Love the Ghost of the Past – Venus Retrograde in Scorpio 2018

On October 5, 2018, Venus retrograde 10 degrees in Scorpio then continues into Libra till November 16, 2018. This article gives insight into what Venus in Scorpio means and how you can use this period of your life effectively. For the most part, Venus already went through most of her retrograde period, but this article will help you review what needs to be looked at.

A time to confront the truth about what you love.

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

Jealousy and grief from past relationships involving people or ideas while Venus is in retrograde are at the forefront of our emotional/mental lives. What was traumatizing in past relationships must be revisited to process and it will not be dismissed this time. Surrender to your fear and let the boundaries dissolve so change can follow suit. How you see people and/or ideas you love and how you relate to them have a chance to be reviewed and processed with another special person. Don’t take this time lightly, it is a blessing in disguise. Situations with lovers, women, or close relationships can be traumatizing (again) if you react as you did in the past. Instead, confront them and reveal the ‘ugly truth’ as Scorpio learns to do as the energy evolves. While Venus is in Scorpio be honest about your wounds and be comfortable with being vulnerable to the ones you love and who can receive you well. While Venus is retrograde in Scorpio, we can look to the myth of Persephone being forced to live with Hades just to become Queen of the Underworld. And like her, we must master what had mastered us in the past by surrendering to the process of death and rebirth. Find innovative ways to approach a problem. Perhaps taking an online class on effective communication,  work with groups of people on a project, or help those who are in need. Take action that involves others it’ll help release old connections to the past that is hindering you.

Photo by Tom The Photographer on Unsplash

My Experience

My Scorpio is in the fourth house. The fourth house gives a glimpse of the individual’s emotional nature as well as the physical home. During Venus retrograde, I’ve been focused on gardening at home and how it’s been an issue for me.  I go back and forth on destroying and rebuilding it and the garden shows my indecisive nature at best. Venus retrograde through Scorpio in the fourth house shows there’s an opportunity to review the feelings I have about my gardening experience. I feel blocked, frustrated, angry, pathetic, excited, happy, thankful, and exhausted about my gardening experience. Plenty of times I wanted to give up and disappear. I even killed my plants purposely because of lack of motivation at times. The consistent heavy rain, mosquitoes, and overly saturated soils have been trying every nerve I have. Obviously, there’s a lot happening at home and it lives up to my Scorpio fourth house expression.

What it’s now. 

What it was at its prime. 

Nevertheless, with Venus retrograde, I am forced to review what I love most about my home life. I must see it for what it is, accept it, dissolve ‘my should be attitude’, and change my perspective during this retrograde.

Currently, Venus is retrograde in Libra and will be till she goes direct on November 16, 2018.

May we take it easy and not fall back on temptations of repeating the past. Be strong! And enjoy the lessons to come while Venus is in her sign, Libra!