Aries, like the Spirit of Spring, is fiery, initiative, passionate, and ready to lead and bring forth new life into being, but be quick to catch a glimpse of Aries in action before he/she moves on to the next wave of ideas. Aries is the first zodiac of the twelve, making it the leader. Aries embodies passion, charisma, and enthusiasm and is very contagious to whoever is around. If the Aries personality comes off a bit brash it could be because of impatience of getting things moving or out of pure innocence. Aries being the first sign has a touch of innocence and self-awareness of a newborn. There can be a great sense of ‘I’ and ‘ME’, but don’t be taken back by this innocent force, Aries can also be very romantic and giving because of it being a Cardinal sign.

Aries being a cardinal sign gives it vitality, a desire to lead, to inspire others with ideas (so when they move on to the next thing, the project has an ability to keep moving without them), wanting to love and be loved, and be an authority to make sure everyone is playing fairly.

The glyph of Aries is the Ram Aries

The traditional ruler- Mars
The esoteric ruler- Mercury


Red Coral

If committed to your Soul Path, Ray 1: Divine Will and Power

Original Ruler House
House 1: rules over the face, appearance, how others perceive you, coping mechanism, purpose in life, outlook on life, soul emergence, early childhood.

Aries Ascendant
If you are an Aries Ascendant or Rising, your soul purpose in this life is to live empowered by your ability to use your Divine Will and be courageous through your actions, honesty, and persistent leadership. You aspire to be self-reliant and persevere through all challenges that come your way like a warrior that you are. In this sign, your soul incarnation takes the initiative and use intuition to guide actions fearlessly while maintaining the larger picture. Others may gravitate towards you because you carry great power and charisma that is so obvious and purifying, thanks to the fire element. You work from your sacral and solar plexus energy source and manifest creative ideas into form. Through meticulous action, perseverance, purpose, and organization you will fulfill your Soul’s purpose.


Sun (Sun is Exalted in Aries)
Born March 21- April 19

If you have the Sun in Aries, you have a personality that is courageous, competitive, truthful, and ready to take action at any moment. You tend to create in a calculative, quick manner and like to move from one idea or project to the next, even if it may not be complete. You identify yourself as being a fearless leader and desires to be respected as such. You are very charismatic if others respect you and love you for your uniqueness, and if they don’t you may not give them the time of day. You have a great instinct in terms of how you create from raw ideas and have prescient insight on the purpose of things around you. You are very active mentally, spiritually, and or physically and desire to achieve your ideal in this life. Your father figure is represented by the Sun and in this placement, he may have been some sort of authority to you and others.

Moon in Aries
If you have Moon in Ariesyour thought patterns tend to be very quick and straightforward. You are highly energetic physically and like to hop from one idea or project to the next. You can also be very competitive with ideas and like to think that you thought of something first. You are open-minded and ready to take on anything mentally at any moment for the sake of movement and do not like to be held back or ask for permission to do what you want to do.

It is said in esoteric astrology, that your soul is trapped in this sign. What this means is that your main struggles in this life are the lower qualities of Aries, which are, ruthlessness, pridefulness, arrogance, cruelty, impatience, desire to control others, superficial judgments, narrow-mindedness, and overly opinionated. Whatever had happened to you in the past may have triggered these qualities within and are now in your subconscious memory and jumps out when you are under stress. It must be transformed so that you can express higher qualities that are latent within you.  Once you are able to work with and surpass these hurdles, you can live a more purposeful life. Don’t let this energy hold you back, you can develop and move beyond this. That’s why you have the mind that you do!