Meet LaToya

unnamed (12).jpgPhoto credit: @krispoundsphotography

Hi, my name is LaToya, and I am a self-taught esoteric astrologist, decompiculturalist, artist, gardener, and student of life.  I attained a B.S. degree in Sustainable Living with an emphasis in Applied Soil Ecology and Minor in Art from Maharishi University of Management.

I enjoy investigating concepts that are hidden and often spend my time researching occult knowledge, mythology, spirituality, meditation, psychology, and soil health. Apart from researching, I love drinking coffee and herbal teas, being emotionally available for my loved ones, taking care of my pet worms (vermicompost), nurturing plants that I grow from seed, listening to music, and creating visual art.

I am Leo Rising (conjunct Mars and Chiron), Sun in Gemini (conjunct South Node), Moon in Scorpio (conjunct Pluto).

Through offering my knowledge, I intend to help others rise in love and be transformed.