The Complexities of Scorpio

As many novices of astrology or professional astrologers know, Scorpio is a very complex sign next to Aquarius. Those who have a strong Scorpio placement in their chart require many life and death scenarios throughout their life, and in consequence, can create and attract what they desire with great potency.

There are what are known as the three totems of the Scorpio and once I define them, you will have a sharper view of what kind of Scorpio you are heading towards, or what you are dealing with.

The three totems are: The Scorpion, the Eagle, the Phoenix, and Dove.


The Scorpion
The Scorpio personality starts with how to use the deadly stinger. Like any young poison bearer, the young scorpion tends to be the deadliest for they do not understand how much of their poison to release into its prey. The young give up an immense amount of its energy to strike at its prey, only to have to gain it back to make the adequate amount of poison for its next attack.

Like the young Scorpion, the Scorpio dominate personality who doesn’t understand their full potential can be deadly to his/her surroundings. He/she can be hypersensitive to not only his/her surroundings, but also to the energy beyond the veil that holds everything in place. They sense what is beyond the naked eye and will attack anything that is perceived as a threat to them. Oftentimes, they will wait until the threat least expect it to attack, so that they can catch it off guard and debilitate it. If the Scorpio is unevolved he/she’ll do this intentionally or subconsciously. They will sting the life out of their surroundings due to the fear that others may do the same to them if they are not careful. As you can see, the Scorpio deals with a lot of power struggles. When Scorpios become aware of themselves, they will notice that they are wasting a lot of their energy on trying to protect themselves from a perceived threat. If the Scorpio’s perception is skewed by their past experiences, they will recreate it over and over again until they learn to fly to higher ground to get a better perspective.


The Eagle
As the Scorpio evolves; they become aware that they are draining themselves by not fully understanding their current moment. At this point, they will reach for higher grounds and soar towards developing their mental faculties. They will attempt to do this through occult knowledge, science (such as psychology, physics, chemistry), and/or partner with others who are perceived in greater power than they currently are.

Like the eagle, Scorpio (who transforms from the scorpion to the eagle) is now elevated above their situation and gains a greater understanding of how their surrounding functions. Now don’t get it twisted. Scorpio in this stage of transformation still has its poison, but now the poison is not being over used. Now the Scorpio will utilize just enough to slow his perceived attacker down to get a better perspective of how to destroy it without draining him/herself. Through understanding how the perceived attacker functions, the Scorpio can manipulate his/her situation so that he/she comes out on top. However, over time Scorpio will find that the ability to manipulate and take advantage of his/her surroundings without returning anything can be spiritually draining, and leave them with bitter partners, friends, co-workers etc. The Scorpio personality does not like this, they need peace. They need transformation.


The Phoenix and Dove  
With the knowledge that they’ve gained from their intense studies, the Scorpio finds that they have an ability to heal their surroundings in a way that many may think is not possible. The Scorpio decides that they will use their knowledge to bring beneficial transformation to not only their lives, but other’s as well. They learn to control their poison so that it’ll be used as a medicine, instead of a death potion.

This is where death and rebirth come into play. The Scorpio who decides to transform into the Phoenix tends to rise above devastation with great will by using the catastrophe as fuel to empower their lives. By doing this, they show others their amazing abilities to perform alchemy and inspire hope (aka the Dove).

Those who have a strong Scorpio placement are very powerful in their own special way and should never be underestimated for they have the Divine Will and Power on their side. If the Scorpio decides enough is enough and chooses to tap into their undying fire, they will be unstoppable and create significant change in the world.  May the Scorpio aspire to be the Phoenix that they can be.

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Saturn Demolished My Heart

Okay, my title is a little dramatic so first I would like to make a point that planets can not ‘do’ anything to/for us. They influence circumstances that can encourage beneficial change in our daily lives. Either that be through psychological phenomenon and/or external occurrences.

In astrology, Saturn rules over our limitations, frustrations, and needs for renovation and growth.
In this article, I will share with you what has occurred to me during my Saturn transit retrograde in the fourth house. I will be personifying the planet Saturn because it’s fun to do so and easier to understand in this context. Although, Saturn can be an expression of the psyche if you so prefer to see it that way.
On April 6, 2017, Saturn went retrograde in my natal fourth house in the sign of Sagittarius. Little did I know at the time, I was in for a dramatic inner journey that will change my life forever. While Saturn was in retrograde, it felt as if he was questioning my heart and tore up the foundation of my sense of peace. He then gathered my arbitrary hopes and dreams and threw it out the window to show me what it felt like to be without the clutter and to find true meaning.

My reaction
I am embarrassed and hurt because 1) I saw how I had limited myself by holding on to a dream that was dead. And 2) How was I expected to live out those dreams if I hadn’t taken it into my own hands!? Perhaps, a fairy godmother would come my way and show me a path that leads to the conclusion of my random daydreams? Not sure…

Due to the exposure, I hoped for love, embrace, and understanding. Instead, I confronted with frustration, confusion, and isolation. I wasn’t sure how to communicate what the hell was going on with me. All I had were feelings and fire.

A Clear Slate– Saturn has Gone Direct August 25, 2017
Now that Saturn has gone direct, I know there is support for me to set an intention and to take actions towards my goals. Saturn has helped me declutter my heart’s desires and to work with meaning towards a solid goal for peace.

Saturn, being the alchemist of the planets, extracts that which is impure and takes the remnants to use. He has taught me what was out of place in my heart, what works, and where I needed to perform alchemy. I, placed into my darkness from my nebulous dreams felt mournfully alone but never was I lonely. I was searching for the lead to transform it into gold with Saturn.
Saturn is known to be a malefic planet because the lessons that he has for us is rarely pleasant. Yet, his lessons last a life time, thus is pertinent to take it seriously. With his lessons, there is potential to learn how to be a true alchemist and to see reality as it is.
How has Saturn been affecting you? Have you noticed where limitations were set in your daily life?

Dharma and Karma in Astrology

If you are somewhat familiar with astrology then you may have come across these two symbols.Rahu.pngKetu.png The placements of the two symbols reveal your dharma and karma in this lifetime. They reflect what you were born to do and the skills that you have cultivated. Either inherited through family during childhood or developed in past life. Whichever you feel comfortable believing in.

The meaning of  Rahu.png symbol

In Vedic astrology, this symbol Rahu.png is called Rahu and in Western astrology, it’s called the North Node. This symbol refers to the Dharma or destiny of your life. This is the goal that your Soul has set to and will go after to materialize. In Vedic astrology, Rahu is the dragon’s head. His head severed from its body by Lord Vishnu due to drinking the Deva’s drink to gain immortality. You can get to know the full Rahu/Ketu mythology here >>  Link <<

Rahu, being the head of the dragon is never satisfied with what he acquired because he has no belly to digest. This reflects the insatiable cravings to gain or know more in your life. As an intelligent being, you create a life that makes you go after a goal in hope to find solace. Yet, face karma or Ketu (the dragon’s tail).

The meaning of Ketu.png symbol  

In Vedic astrology, this symbol Ketu.png is called Ketu and in Western astrology, it’s called the South Node. This symbol refers to the karma (or reaction) when you work towards your destiny. It also gives insight on what skills you’ve developed from past life experiences.

When feeling ‘stuck’, it’s an indicator that you are sticking to what is already know and must reach for a higher goal. Ketu, being the dragon’s tail and connection to ancient knowledge, shows this tendency in your birth chart. It reveals where you may get caught in old cycles and lose zest to live life. Thus, there’s a greater need to gravitate towards Rahu.

Rahu and Ketu (or North/South node) are mathematical points of the moon’s orbit. Once the moon intersects with the ecliptic plane of the sun’s path in the sky the lunar and solar eclipses come about.

Of course there’s is more to Rahu and Ketu, but for now, I think this will be enough to digest.

Look to your Rahu and Ketu placements to give insight on what is your Soul’s destiny and the outcome. If you like to know where your Rahu and Ketu placements are, use this birth chart calculator. >> Link <<

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Peace be with you and good luck!


Honor Your Desires | Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018

On October 10, 2017, Jupiter will enter in the potent and magnetic sign, Scorpio until November 8, 2018. This coming year is important for us to honor our greatest desires and make great strides for prosperity.

Jupiter represents our greatest wealth, higher knowledge and vision, abundance, and optimism. Scorpio represents our understanding of motives, energy, and power struggle. Jupiter in Scorpio exacerbates our knowledge and anticipation of inner motives and outcomes before the action.

I will now go into what Jupiter in Scorpio means to you in your natal birth chart. My interpretations for Jupiter in Scorpio through the houses are general. You must take into account that there are other aspects to consider, making it more complex. However, the interpretations below are the essence of what you may experience.

1st House 
If Jupiter is transiting your first house, expect to choose a new direction in your life. You will encounter great ideas and relationships that will increase your ability to explore.

2nd House
If Jupiter is transiting your second house, expect to learn what gives you value. You may experience an increase in material wealth and a sense of comfort and well-being. Working with things that are of high quality is very favorable for this time.

3rd House 
If Jupiter is transiting your third house, the ability to learn about your environment is great. This will be a favorable time for short-distance travel, improving your writing and/or speaking skills, and building a new skill or two.

4th House
If Jupiter is transiting your fourth house, expect to explore what it means to have a peace of mind. Any interest in real-estate and homemaking will give great results if explored.

5th House
If Jupiter is transiting your fifth house, expect opportunities to love, play, perform, and explore spiritual teachings. This year will be great for you to build upon your talents, so when shared, there’s a greater depth to your work.

6th House
If Jupiter is transiting your sixth house, expect to explore what it means to serve. You may experience opportunities that require you to organize and use your eye for discernment. Either that be in your daily work, health, or dealing with small animals or people who need you.

7th House
If Jupiter is transiting your seventh house, expect opportunities to explore relationships. You may gain a great understanding of yourself in relationships. It will be favorable to find equity and to understand the deep motive of the connection.

8th House
If Jupiter is transiting your eighth house, expect to gain an understanding of your inner motives and desires. Energetic work, learning about the occult, how to manage your time and money, and psychology will be helpful during this transit.

9th House 
If Jupiter is transiting your ninth house, expect opportunities to gain knowledge through reading, long-distance traveling, or studying other cultures. You may experience plenty of new connections with others who are ‘foreign’ to you. With these interactions, you will form a well-rounded personality.

10th House 
If Jupiter is transiting your tenth house, expect favor from those of authority to you. You will have a great desire to gain more authority over your life and your chosen community. You may be given a position of leadership because of your passion snd ability to see details.

11th House 
If Jupiter is transiting your eleventh house, expect opportunities to communicate ideas to the masses or work with like-minded people. Jupiter being in this house has an element of being a humanitarian. It is favorable to study the needs of humanity to progress.

12th House 
If Jupiter is transiting your twelfth house, expect opportunities to work with your dreams. Either that be dreams while you are sleeping or daydreams. It is favorable to understand the power of your subconscious mind to know how it influences your daily life.

6 Reasons Why You Are More Than Your Sun Sign

I have six reasons why you are more than just your sun sign. And that has to do with the fact that you have a Mercury, Venus, Moon, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter placement. Yep, you are more than just your Sun sign. So what do the other six placements have to do with shaping your personality? Well, in this article I will give you some insight.

Mercury is the planet that represents your intelligence, conscious awareness, and communication abilities. It also gives insight on how your nervous system functions, the state of your thyroid glands, brain, and hands. The people that represent your Mercury are your aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings.


Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. Obviously, since he is not far from the Sun, astronomically speaking. Mercury’s disposition expresses your ability to communicate and define what is being observed. If you have Mercury in Cancer, your ability to communicate is based on emotional information, therefore, speaking what is emotionally true, you are able to find your inner truth and work with your logic from that standpoint. If Mercury is in Capricorn, your ability to communicate is based on information that is external and tangible. You have an uncanny ability to organize and make concrete decisions based on abstract concepts. Thus, making the unseen, seen.

Venus is the planet that symbolizes your sensuality, ability to love, and what gives you a sense of luxury, romance, and creative pleasure. The placement of your Venus gives you insight into the state of your kidneys, skin, and ovaries. The people that are represented by Venus in your chart are your lovers, and for men, it is known as the nature of girlfriend and wife.


Venus is the lover who seeks for pleasure in all things in astrology. Depending on the disposition of Venus, it will give some insight on how you love and go about pleasure in your life. If you have Venus in Taurus, you will have the desire to obtain sensual pleasures in a direct and steady manner.  If your Venus is in Scorpio, you tend to be subtle with obtaining what it is you desire.

Mars is the planet that symbolizes your virility levels, sexuality, and ability to stand for what you believe in. The placement of Mars gives insight on the state of your adrenal glands, ability to build muscle, sense of taste and smell, and if you have scars on your face. The people that are represented by Mars in your chart are the men in your life and boyfriend.


Mars is the warrior who is always ready for battle in astrology. Depending on the disposition of your Mars, you’ll glean some insight on what it is that you regularly fight for. If you have Mars in Aries, you tend to fight for your individuality and creative abilities. If you have Mars in Libra, you tend to fight for other people and your relationships with them.

The Moon
Moon is the planet that symbolizes your emotional and instinctive nature. The placement of the Moon in your chart gives insight on the state of your stomach, digestive system, and lymphatic system. The people that are represented by the Moon in your chart are the women in your life and your mother figures.


The Moon is the changeable goddess who brings insight on how you handle your inner life. Depending on where she is placed in your chart, you will experience emotional ups and down. If you have Moon in Gemini in your natal chart, you tend to rationalize your emotions instead of seeing them like a river and letting them flow as they are. If you have Moon in Sagittarius in your natal chart, you tend to overlook your emotions because they can be something that holds you back from what you are wanting to pursue.

Jupiter is the planet that symbolizes your ability to see the bigger picture and your state of optimism. The placement of your Jupiter gives insight into the state of your liver, thighs, feet, and pituitary glands. The people that are represented by Jupiter is the husband and teachers.


Jupiter is king due to great luck in Roman mythology. When you look at your Jupiter placement, you will find there is great wealth in your life and noble adventure. If you have Jupiter in Virgo, with your ability to pay attention to detail and assimilate information, you will find wealth in your life. If you have Jupiter in Pisces, through your ability to dream up a new reality, you will attract wealth into your life.

Saturn is the planet that symbolizes your ability to be responsible and build a stable foundation to become self-sufficient. The placement of your Saturn gives you insight on how strong your hair, bones, and spleen are. The people that are represented by Saturn is your father figure and authority figures in your life.


Saturn was king until he was exiled and cast away in isolation. He is Lord of karma and death. Only he brings endings and can give the greatest wealth of the earth in your life through hard, repetitive work. If you have Saturn in Pisces, you are here to learn how to make your nebulous dreams more concrete so that they can become your physical reality. Despite paranoia of not being enough.  If you have Saturn in Virgo, you are here to learn how to organize yourself and build a solid foundation through understanding what it means to be healthy.

and of course…

The Sun
Sun is the planet that symbolizes your ego, your personality that you shine to the world, and your creative abilities that will give you great fulfillment. The placement of your Sun provides insight on the health of your heart, spine, and general vitality. The people that are represented by the Sun is the status of your father.


The Sun is the creative force that reigns in all life and gives meaning.  The house placement that the Sun is in is where you will have your greatest accomplishments and the potential rise of honor. If you have Sun in Leo you have a magnanimous personality that is able to create any situation you are willing to summon. If you have Sun in Aquarius, you have a personality that is strikingly independent and values freedom of thought and use of words to bring progress to, in whatever situation.

As you may know now, you are more than just your Sun sign and there’s more to offer. If you are curious to know more about your personality, start with having your birth chart.

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Emotions are Real | Super Full Moon in Cancer 2018

Let the creative waters flow, for they are needed to build a promising future! The moon will be Super and Full in the sign of Cancer beginning January 1, 2018, at 6:00 pm (PST), January 2, 2018, at 2:25 am (UT), and January 2, 2018, at 1:00 pm (AEST).

The Moon asks that we harness our emotional nature to channel it into our vision for the future.

Meaning of the Sign the Moon is in
The Moon being in Cancer prompts you to utilize your creative nature to carve your future. The nature of your reality requires your emotional participation so that the completion of the past cycle is done with greater power and depth. Cancer (being a water cardinal sign) harnesses a very intuitive energy. Since there is a Supermoon with wonderful aspects occurring, your emotions must be sharp enough to cut through and repel what is not right in order to attract what will bring you emotional and physical security. The energy of Cancer yearns for inner and outer security and wants the same for you. This brings about lessons with the change of the season.

Meaning of the Moon Phase
The Moon in a full state means that the power of attracting and repelling is strong. There will be a test approaching due to the intentions that you have created in this past New Moon cycle. This test will make sure that what you long for is true to your innate morals. Emotions are heightened not only because it’s the Full Moon, but because the Moon is in its own sign, Cancer! Through owning your emotions, using your creative power, and believing in your psychic faculties you secure your path toward what you long for. The Full Moon is considered to be a Full Wolf Moon, which indicates how to respond during this time.

“The full moon appeared when wolves howled in hunger outside of villages.” –

The Full Wolf Moon emphasizes how powerful our emotional instincts are. Throughout time, wolves (have been depicted as a representation of our primal nature.) We are to respond the same way that they respond to their environment during this cycle. During this Supermoon, our primal instincts are awake and howl for completion so that the cardinal waters can rush through and create a new path.


Now let’s get into the aspects…

The Moon Aspects
Moon is in opposition to Venus 9 degrees in Capricorn, Saturn 1 degree in Capricorn, and Pluto 18 degrees in Capricorn.

Of course, there are more aspects taking place during the Full Supermoon, but these are the ones that I would like to elaborate.

First, I would like to mention that there is a grand water trine involving the Moon 10 degrees in Cancer, Mars 14 degrees in Scorpio coupled with Jupiter 17 degrees in Scorpio, and Neptune 11 degrees in Pisces. This powerful water trine activates our intuitive, compassionate nature and tells much about this coming year. The grand water trine taking place on the first day of 2018, signifies how important it is that we use this energy this year. The truths that will be revealed this year requires us to use our compassionate and intuitive nature to survive and evolve. Jupiter is still in Scorpio all this coming year. This means that all that has happened in the dark will be revealed to the light and be dealt with, no matter how painful it seems. Ex: sex scandals, sexual traumas, the use of other people’s resources, and power struggles on a personal and mass scale.  

The Moon located in opposition to Venus 9 degrees in Capricorn, shows that there is a need for emotional integration with desires as it pertains to love and relationships. The conflict stems from the need for balance with emotional longings in correlation with the reality of the situation. This creates a polarization with how to attract your desires with honesty and stability. You must have some time to reflect to integrate. In the next week or so, review what has been presented to you, and opportunities that may arrive. The meaning of these opportunities shows where you can gain balance within your reality and what you truly desire.

The Moon in opposition to Saturn 1 degree in Capricorn, shows that our emotional nature conflicts with what we are devoted to. May that is how you present your truth to the world, or how you relate to family, friends, or money, etc. It depends on where Capricorn is placed in your chart. We should take this time to recalibrate and commune with our emotions, and agree to what can be built upon a solid foundation. It starts with reflecting on how you relate to yourself and others, and how to create healthy emotional boundaries. This can be done by taking time for yourself, and contemplating what gives you the feeling of dignity and stick to it.

The Moon is placed in opposition to Pluto 18 degrees in Capricorn shows that our emotional nature requires transformation. There are some obvious external power struggles that reveal how you relate to your emotions. This may seem improbable to some, for others this present a deep understanding. This means that the outside world reflects the inner world. If you allow past actions to blind you from seeing how to handle a situation, you would completely miss the opportunity to change the situation. The devil is in the details; and because the Moon is opposing Pluto, the “devil” is also in the emotions. This is a test to see how you react to power struggles, and where you need to improve.


How Does this Supermoon relate to the past New Moon?
With the past new moon in Sagittarius, we chose the direction that was righteous enough for pursuit, now that the Moon is Super and Full in Cancer, we are now required to summon up our emotional nature to carve the way along the path. Since Cancer is a water cardinal sign, our emotions can be seen as dynamic waters that carve new river beds at the foot of the mountain. Smoothing rocks and trees over, moving dirt, sand, and soil around to new spaces, and pushing animals and other life away from the course of the pursuit. Cancer is an intuitive, receptive, powerful energy. This energy can either drown you with its powerful force or push to where the Divine sees fit. Make peace with this energy by making peace with your emotions. Handle your thought process and seek out its course of direction. This energy is coming in fast and will pass you by if you don’t recognize it.


What’s to Come?
Uranus stations direct 24 degrees in Aries on January 2, 2018. Uranus went retrograde 28 degrees in Aries on August 2, 2017. This energy made us reflect internally on how we may impact the world with our innovations. Now that it stations direct, it’s time to put those thoughts that we’ve had into action. The Cosmos are giving us a thumbs up!

3 Points on how to work with the Supermoon in Cancer:



  • Take deep breaths when feeling overwhelmed. ( 7 seconds in, 7 seconds out.)
  • When having strong emotions, contemplate the situation first before taking action to gain a clear message.
  • Be surrounded by comforting material things as much as possible such as a warm blanket with hot tea, or coco. (If it’s the winter season for you, of course.)