Be Present: My Walk with Saturn ll

Breathe 7 seconds in,  breathe 7 seconds out. Be present, be present, you are in the present moment. What do you see? On Thursday, September 6, 2018, Saturn stationed direct meaning that we are to put our thoughts together and build the steps to the Empire. For me, it has been a struggle because of psychological reasons. In this article, I  will share with you a bit about my struggle while I work with Saturn.

I landed in Texas within mind to recover but little did I know there was a lesson in stored- to grow where I am planted. Plenty of friends reassure that I am where I supposed to be, but for some reason, I still struggle to accept this.

Throughout the day I feel plenty of emotions.  Early morning I feel good, mid-day I feel ambivalent about the good, then later, I question If I am refusing the very thing I desire most, freedom. This cycle has been going on for a few months and maybe as Saturn is moving forward you are having these issues too.

We must keep moving and accept the uncertainty.

With Saturn in Capricorn, we are determined to put the pieces together. We must see ourselves for who we are in the present moment and no matter what keep building character.

Mars moving into Aquarius (again) on September 11, 2018, reflects how to use our drive to put ourselves together. Accept the instinct to push through with innovation and keep the collective in mind. In this article, I share my perspective on Mars in Aquarius. >> Reflections of Mars Retrograde <<

What I am building is my way of having access to organic food and feel secure in my need for occult knowledge. Balancing the two has been a challenge because of my outdated views. I’ve learned to accept this as a lesson, yet I have trouble seeing the long-term goal.

I envision my garden having rich brown soil, mulch for days, beautiful flowers that are perfectly designed. I see myself more involved with Astrology, actively working with my intuition, and accepting who I am each moment.  As I walk with Saturn and work with each lesson, this Gemini is having trouble staying put due to anxiety for the outcome. I want to fly to the end of the race so that I know what it feels like to say, “Ah, I did it!”. However, I know that isn’t the point and doesn’t please Saturn. So what now?

For you and I…
The point is to be present. You won’t have the answers to the questions you inquire right away and you definitely won’t reach the end goal after a few seconds of thinking of it. Smell the Earth for what season it is in. Enjoy the flowers, see the bees, work hard, and have trust that your daily grind will pay off. You have your vision and that is good. See your vision as a seed that must be planted to grow. Plant each seed and continue to nurture. Some may germinate and perform some may fertilize the Earth. Either way, you will have results and it will prompt you to take further action. Trust and protect the vision. It is perfect timing to start now.


My Walk with Saturn

For a year I’ve been contemplating on the archetype Saturn. Typically, when I ask other astrology fan’s opinion of Saturn, many say it is scary and best avoided if possible. They imagine Saturn to be dry and cold to the touch, with dark cold eyes, and an elongated body and no heart. But, in my opinion, he’s the best out of all of the planets even if he’s hard to look at.

In this article, I will address Saturn as if he ’s a person because it’s easy for me to refer to him as such, but keep in mind, that Saturn is not a person and not only referred to as a planet. Saturn is an omnipotent energy that has plenty of associations in our lives through the lens of astrology. Saturn is the Archetype of hard work, diligence, method and precision, routine, karma, and death. Through the birth chart, you can see how the energy of Saturn affects our lives and physical body.

With diligence and hard work, there’s always a promise from Saturn. With every action, there is a reaction, karma. Walking with Saturn has not been easy for me. Often I feel dark, misunderstood, and stuck in a mundane routine.

He has forced me to learn how to work with what I have and it’s been humbling. The rose-colored glasses, my sparkly vision, the feeling of I can do anything at any time, has been ripped from my eyes and heart and now I am forced to see reality. It’s as if Saturn is enjoying my struggle with the daily grind. Often I have felt as though I was not making process, but he was (and still is) molding me in his image. He is showing me that I must work with the material in order to bring down the vision.

I’ve noticed how much I am limited and how I can no longer play my way out of responsibility as I have done in the past. As my close friend said best, “No more electric slide with Saturn.” The glasses have been ripped off and  I am seeing the limits EVERYWHERE. Money, friends, food, land, soil and air quality, water, time, everything! Have I been living in a world of imagination for this long? Or has time changed?

Realizing what  I need to do to reach my empire has been discouraging. My naive mind thought it should be reached in a day or at least a year. I see it so clearly but that seems to not be enough. Realistically speaking, I will more than likely achieve my ultimate goal many years from now.

For you to know…

While Saturn is in retrograde in Capricorn, we are to remember our inner authority, our own empire, what we are here to bring to Earth even while in a state of depression. We must learn to see depression as sacred. It is special and must be respected for it’s a part of the process of character cultivation, the process of liberation. Liberation from past restrictions and to form new boundaries to make the vision of the empire real. With freedom there are limits. One is not without the other unless you wish for death. As a wise friend from work appropriately stated, “With choice there’s freedom. The more choices you have, the more freedom is attainable.”

To choose to work towards your vision every day by giving at least a few minutes of your time to anchor down your empire is HUGE. Saturn can’t help but reward hard work. Wishing for things to come magically without any due diligence will not please Saturn or give merit to the empire. This is an introspective thought that benefits me, but you get the idea. As a human, you only get what you want by working with what you have.

So far this is what I’ve learned while walking with Saturn…

Reflections of Mars Retrograde 2018

I believe in Humanity. It is time that I put my sword down for my own good.

“I am free to make choices. I am no longer trapped in my anger. I am free to share my energy constructively with friends, family, and my chosen community. I must let down my sword and only use it for the higher good. I am protected, and here to protect the future. This is what I hear when I think of Mars in Aquarius.

From June 26th to August 27th, Mars will be retrograde in Aquarius. That gives us a chance to acknowledge and uncover our suppressed anger so that we can rebel and protect newfound knowledge. If we fail to recognize this anger within ourselves, then we will project it into our reality

Mars is the planet of energy, fire, protection, and war. Nothing goes past Mars without being dissected and/or burned. With this power, Mars holds the door for new life to follow. And with Mars in Aquarius we can expect this inner fire to rise unexpectedly.

With Mars retrograde, it is best to avoid venturing into new territory until he stations direct. This is the time to review past steps, and see if moving forward is wise. It is also important to note that this is contrary to Mars’ natural expression, so staying still will prove to be challenging. Mars only knows how to move forward and take action. There’s help needed ,and this is where Saturn’s energy is valuable.

With Saturn moving retrograde in Capricorn (his own sign) he seems to not be moving at all. It’s like he is taking his sweet time, and hammering  each lesson in our bones with great care and intention.

Aquarius, the bringer of new knowledge and Saturn being co-ruler  gives Aquarius the qualities that’ll help us stick to our ‘farfetched’ mission. With Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, he’s teaching the importance of inner authority and recognizing that we are the authority of our own lives. Joined with Mars retrograde, Saturn is helping us reassess our authority and teaching us to use our sword wisely.

May you use your words kindly and your energy constructively.

Happy Mars and Saturn retrograde!


How My Quest for Understanding Astrology and Soils Changed My Life

I would like to share myself with you so that you know a little more about me and what lead me down the path that I am on with Emerald Astrology.

My quest for understanding astrology and all of its intricacies started in January 2014, when I was accepted as a student to attend to Maharishi University of Management (MUM). Then in May 2015, I was blessed to learn about soils after having a revelation that I needed to know more about how the soil functions since I stand upon it every day and depend on its health for my life.

From what I can remember, I always had an insatiable hunger to understand the meaning of my life and why things function the way that they do. During my childhood and teenage years, I grew up in the state of Texas and was greatly influenced by the mystics of my family. I got to understand life through the lens of Christianity, but it seemed to be very limiting to me because the questions that I asked could not be answered and if they were, the answer I received was ‘because God said so.’ That answer was obviously not enough for me, but nonetheless, I enjoyed the feeling I received when I thought there was a merciful God looking out for me. (I was, and still am, a mystic at heart.)

However, I soon discovered that my peers were not feeling the same as I was emotionally when I shared my faith with them. I felt there was something missing to my understanding of Christianity that I did not receive.  The knowledge I had didn’t feel holistic to me because when I shared my heart and knowledge with my peers, I felt this disconnect, pain, sorrow, frustration, and loss of hope. Consequently, I thought if I had a more holistic understanding of Christianity there would be a deeper understanding of why this suffering takes place. There would be some Knowledge and Wisdom to it that would help others deepen their human experience.

I finally succumbed to the fact that I needed to learn more about the meaning of life and why it functioned the way that it did and had to go to college to expand my horizon. I drove 1,000+ miles from the South to the Midwest, with my boyfriend at the time, to MUM, eventually heading straight to what my family called the witch’s craft, astrology. (LOL!) Okay, so I didn’t intentionally find astrology, it came to me.

Being at MUM, I was surrounded by people who came from different walks of life and had a wealth of knowledge from different sources. I was geeking out on everything, or in other words, becoming promiscuous with knowledge. Astrology, however, along with a few other topics like the Goddesses and crystal healing, stuck with me.

Aside from my academic studies, I learned about Vedic Astrology and the Vedic philosophies that came with it. I was confused yet fascinated, learning about foreign deities such as Shiva, Ganesha, Lakshmi, and Kali to name a few, and was also blessed to have dreams of me working with them. It was a miraculous time, and it helped me understand more about who I am and what I am meant to do in this life.

I slowly but surely started to understand astrology and how everything on earth interrelated with the cosmos. Through astrology, I eventually started to see how I was changing and becoming more of myself and why my relationships that I had at the time started to fall apart and change form. I then started to understand a little more about how “God” works and how everything in this life is following some sort of law or pattern. I started to understand that I don’t need a false sense of control of what is going on around me and within me, but that I am a part of this ever-changing scheme of life and only a piece of this mandalic puzzle.

Life was beautiful and unfolding its meaning, yet trying as well because not only was I learning this in-depth science on the side and practicing it with friends, but I was also in school and had a relationship that was falling apart.

While in college, I learned that soil is a living organism that is able to create, sustain and destroy life on its own, and I was blown away when I learned that if I worked with the soil, I, too, can benefit and be healthy. I can grow nutrient-dense foods, feel good, be happy, work with my body physically to keep the soil healthy and spread this wonderful knowledge that I gained. I learned that I can now be an alchemist and a mystic at the same time–a person that holds Knowledge and Wisdom about the meaning of life and continues to see the intricacies at work every day.

To tie this all together, learning about soil and astrology has truly brought more meaning and depth to my life by filling in the missing pieces that were lost during my childhood and teenage years. I eventually discovered esoteric astrology and now am able to take my knowledge to a whole other level. I am honored to share this knowledge with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey to gain this knowledge. I hope you benefited by reading a little more about me and continue this wonderful journey with me.

If you have any questions or would love to share a comment please don’t hesitate to ask or share. I don’t bite! I would love to chat with you.

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Heal the Soul, then the Soil

This post will go into one of my current core beliefs. Heal the soul before the soil. Or even better, heal the soul while healing the soil.

As a collective, we have strayed away from caring about the soil that supports us every day. We seem to pay no mind to how we treat it, make it someone else’s problem, and expect it not to crumble, lash out, and destroy us. That subtly reflects how we treat ourselves and fellow women and men… but I will go into that another time. That is not what this post is about.

I want to help you see what I see, starting with the soil. When I look at soil, I see a soul. A lot of the time this soul is very quiet, but when you take the time to silence the mind and be with her, she speaks so clearly with subtle movement and rumbling on her own time schedule. This soul is full of pristine intelligence, and I am truly surprised that she has put up with us this long. Although, when karma demands to be paid it’s going to be a hard blow and a slow recovery, so we better, excuse my language, get our shit together.

You see, the soil has a soul. But we have dissected it to its many parts and forgot to put the pieces back together to see the bigger picture. We know that soil is made up of various levels of water, air, sand, silt, clay, biology, electrical charge, and enzymes. However, if we put it back together, you have a soul. A soul that is able to respond to stimuli. A soul that is able to create, sustain and destroy life. It has an essence.

The soil is a lot like us and we are a lot like her.

We can be broken down into different components; bone, blood, enzyme, minerals, electrical charge etc., but when you put it all together you then get thoughts, emotions, and desires; a soul emerges. We have great ability to create, sustain, and destroy life. There is an essence to us.

If you are a parent, look into your children’s eyes. You helped bring this creative being into this world and sustain their life. Look at the state of the world, you helped contribute to destroying it. Just by being alive, you create, sustain, and destroy life. That is how it is, it’s nature; the need for cycles. But to push the earth to the point that we may not be able to sustain human life on earth? By swinging the pendulum of action from one extreme to the next. That’s unsettling. As a collective, we need a spiritual intervention. A spiritual cleanse. We need to wake up and see what we are doing and how we can change the way we operate. Realize who we are and why we decided to be this way.

We need to learn controlled destruction and purposeful right action.

We can look to the soil for ways to do this. Soil creates, sustains, and destroys life and reveals balance and imbalance. Through the “imperfections” we can see various lifeforms in the plant, microbe, insect, and animal kingdom ability to thrive. For example, when you plant a tomato don’t give it the right conditions for it to thrive, pests appear and start to feed on the tomato, killing your precious tomato and returning its nutrients to replenish the soil. However, you can redeem your plant by bringing attention to it. When there is focused attention, you start to see how it functions. If you give your tomato plant attention it starts to communicate by giving signs. If it looks like it is leaning towards the direction where full sun is available, the leaves are starting to become spotted, yellowed and a bit droopy. You then realize that maybe you need to plant the tomato where there is full sun, the soil may not be wet enough or too wet, that the soil needs compost and to be covered with organic matter, and last but not least, plant nasturtium and marigolds near it (friends). Of course, right off the bat, you wouldn’t know these things unless you’ve been gardening for awhile, but by giving attention secrets will start to be revealed. You may even start to include soil testing and get down to the elements and microbial makeup of the soil, which is great by the way!

When there is attention, intention soon follows. Our soul functions the same way as the soils’ soul does. Our signs of suffering and a need for balance reveal themselves through our thoughts, emotions, and actions, while the soil shows its’ way of suffering through manifestations of microbe, plant, insect, and animal life. It may even have emotions, but that is more subtle, and currently beyond my understanding.

But how do we understand what our soul wants when we live in a society that tells us what we want and how we should want it?

That’s where I get into astrology. Astrology is an art and science of the cosmos and the human soul. Through understanding the cosmos’ blueprint of your soul, we can then see what is it that your soul is wanting to express and manifest in this life. How do I do this? By bringing attention to your Moon and Pluto placement. When I bring attention to your Moon and Pluto placement, with your permission, I am able to see where your soul is restrained and desired to be released. I help you bring attention to yourself and create a new intention geared towards your well being. It’s possible then to heal yourself and the soil, which pushes toward healing the earth and all who live on it.

That is why one of my core beliefs is to heal the soul and then the soil, or even better, heal the soul while healing the soil because then you are in alignment to who you are meant to be and how you are meant to impact the world, effectively.

Blessings to you and may you continue on the journey to be connected to your soul and the earth. If you don’t want to do this alone, you can join me and others on this vast journey toward healing by signing up for my Soul and Earth newsletter,
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Transform how you see yourself and the world.