You are the Star!  | Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo


Find your light because on January 31, 2018, at 5:28 am PST, January 31, 2018, at 1:28 pm UT, and February 1, 2018 at 12:29 am AEST the Moon will be eclipsed in the magnificent sign of Leo!

Leo is the heart of the zodiac. If you look at your natal Leo house placement, the house represents where you like to play and what brings you to life. When awakened, this certain aspect of your chart is where your talents lie. There’s a Soul desire to develop these talents. Doing so would benefit your audience, and they would appreciate you for owning and sharing them. Leo is the creative fire that values courage, spontaneity, and the display of skills and talents. When eyes are on Leo, this energy cannot help but perform. With this energy being the focal point at the moment, we are to look to ourselves to see how we value the creative fire as the Leo archetype.

With Moon being in the sign of Leo, we are asked to be courageous in our pursuit and allow closure of the past to take place.

Meaning of the phase of the Moon
The total lunar eclipse represents that the emotional cycle that began August 7, 2017 (Lunar eclipse in Aquarius), is now complete so that the new will arrive and be owned. Whatever took place during the month of August will finally come to an end so let it happen! New lessons are ready to reign and a sense of wholeness is ready to bless you. Perhaps answers, some movement, or a change of heart will happen around this time.You are now able to see a new light and perform in a way that is more in alignment with who you are within. The light can be seen as hope or inspiration and if held on to, it can be yours to keep for awhile!

The Moon phase that will transpire is very special because it is a Super Blue Blood Moon! The last time this has taken place was 150 years ago and we are lucky enough to witness this phenomenon, so don’t forget to take a peek at the Moon. (keep in mind that it may not be noticeable to the naked eye. The Moon is considered Super because it will be closer than usual and blue because it is the second full moon of this month. It is a Blood Moon because it is eclipsed by the Sun.  

About the Super Blood Blue Moon

When the eclipse happens for you



Okay, so let’s get into the aspects

The aspects that I will focus on is the Moon in Leo trine Mars in Sagittarius, conjuncts North Node in Leo,  and opposition to Venus and Sun in Aquarius.


Celebrate the Old, Aim for the New | Moon in Leo trine Mars in Sagittarius
With the Moon trine Mars in Sagittarius, you can expect that your energy will be most vitally utilized if you focus on moving on and exploring new horizons. Opportunities will arrive while on your path and it’s up to you to say yes to them. With it being a trine, you can expect opportunities to fall onto your lap instead of you having to actively work for them. I see this as a way of karma paying you for all of the work you have done in the past, so take it on and explore the depths!

I’m really happy to see this trine aspect because this gives reassurance that it’s okay to move forward and to know that there’s more to learn and share with others. Sagittarius has an energy of passion and determination. It’s ready to be charmed by new experiences and learn a new thing or two. So we can expect to have a lot of fun this coming month while Mars is in Sagittarius. Especially if you are open to learning new things from other people.


Materialize Emotional Desires | Moon conjunct North Node
With the Moon conjunct the North Node, our emotional nature is all about materializing on our creative expression and finding the hope within us that makes us unique. We are focused on our creative abilities, talents, and the need to be seen for what we can create. (this can be good or bad; you have the choice to create peace or wreak havoc)  This will be a great time to reflect on what is it that you are great at and see if you are working on developing those talents. Also, because of the eclipse, it is now time to recognize how you used to express yourself and how you have decided to use your time. Celebrate how you were and then look to where you are headed. The mantra is simple: create, create, create and be surrounded by warmth and love.

Who am I with you? | Moon in Leo opposes Venus in Aquarius
Moon placed in opposition to Venus in Aquarius makes me a little nervous. This indicates that we may be experiencing some confusion on how we fit into our relationships. With this new light shining there’s some readjusting that must take place within relationships and it can be a little uncomfortable if not done gently. Allow the truth to reveal itself and honest communication to be favored. Either way, the truth must come out so it can have a life of its own and benefit both parties. The energy of Aquarius that Venus is transiting through is all about individuality within relationships. It would be wise to acknowledge this part of the relationship and view the relationship as a way of serving the other while having a sense of Self.


Ruler of the Sign | The Sun
The ruler of Leo is the Sun. With it being conjunct with Venus in the Sign of Aquarius, we can expect to review the groups of friends and organizations we associate with and how we express our love to them or vice-versa. The Sun is considered to be in its detriment when in Aquarius. Our focus is on the other instead of ourselves. Personally, I do not find this a detriment, but I can see how it can become a problem. With the Sun being conjunct with Venus, love and relationships are also up for review. There will be special interest in what each individual has to offer to the other. However, individuality amongst the group is very important! Everyone must “show up” and be great on their own so that the group or organization benefits greatly.


How this Moon Relate to the Last
On January 16/17, 2018, the Moon was new in Capricorn. This was so that we would emotionally devote ourselves to our chosen path no matter how daunting it may have seemed. We were required to show initiative and to keep climbing the mountain of goals and sacrifice the superficial things that weren’t helping us reach our greater achievements. Now that the Moon is considered Super Blue Blood in Leo, we are to find hope within ourselves. This hope will help us on our journey while closure of the old is simultaneously happening.



3 Points to take while being the Star of the Show

  • Acknowledge your talents and skills.
  • Review who you associate with and if you are gaining what you desire out of those connections.
  • Meditate with the color yellow or citrine crystal to allow hope and inspiration to increase in your life.