Watch your Thoughts and Words | New Moon in Sagittarius 15 degrees

Sagittarius is mutable fire. It moves with inner ‘Wisdom’ and knowledge from higher places regardless of surroundings. The energy of Sagittarius follows its own ethics, and for the most part, sticks with the flow of “doing better” or “anywhere else but here”. It is aware of where it’s headed and moving away from. The details may not be included but big picture thinking is what’s needed at the moment. The goal is to attain knowledge through experience which will grant wisdom to share with others.

With the square to Neptune and Mars, this might be done with haste and confusion. New Moon in Sagittarius marks a time for a call to action and to be emotionally prepared.  It is easy to slip into the “anywhere else but here” attitude of Sagittarius, but tune in and see what you are moving away from.

During this phase of the Moon, we are greeted with the Dark Goddess. She is familiar with the unknown and does best with transforming psychological blockages. At this time, she prompts us to move forward with inner Wisdom and stillness. Moon square Mars signifies that there will be uncomfortable interactions in the home or with women that we are close to. Paired with Neptune, we could fall into our own delusions and continue to ignore the obvious while numbing up with vices. This could be occurring a week or so prior to or after the New Moon so know that you are not alone. The best that we can do in this phase is to be still and listen to the inner Wisdom speak. Watch your thoughts, listen to your words, and clear the path.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Am I seeing my situation at home clearly?

Is there a cultural difference that must be addressed?

Am I expressing my inner truth clearly with those that are close to me?

How can I move with peace and be flexible during this change?