Reform Boundaries | New Moon in Capricorn

Prepare for the breakdown and revelation about your inner nature, because on January 16, 2018, at 6:18 pm (PST), January 17, 2018, 2:19 am (UT) and January 17, 2018, at 1:18 pm (AEST) the Moon will be New, located at 26 degrees in Capricorn.

We are asked to descend to our depths and connect to our primal intelligence to understand our source of authority.

With the Moon being in the somber sign, Capricorn it signals that this is a time to be realistic about who we are and what our environment provides. We have our outstanding new years resolutions, (which have hopefully been a success so far), but with all of this action in Capricorn, we are required to be realistic with ourselves. We must understand where our motives come from, and what we are truly capable of one step at a time.  

Capricorn is the sign of the initiate in esoteric astrology, and the initiate is required to go to their depths alone for no one can do it for them. Plus, who can do it better than the Capricorn archetype? Whom you can become with practice. The energy of Capricorn understands the nuance of the material world and how to organize and use it to its utmost efficiency pertaining to the inner vision. It would be wise for us to do the same with our new year’s resolutions.

So how do we do that? How do we utilize our inner resources and environment so that we are successfully attain our vision? Well, that’s where the phase of the Moon comes in to play.

Meaning of the Phase of the Moon
With the Moon being New or in its dark phase, we are required to go within and understand our inner resources. We are to understand that our emotions are real, and our path demands devotion no matter what it takes. Set an intention to walk the honest path, and confront your emotional ghosts (repressed emotions). Practice this so that you are able to see them, understand them, and learn to love them for what they are in that order. With pure action, they will naturally give you back your decisive authority, because they are a part of you and want to be reintegrated with you!

“Capricorn, the gate through which we finally pass we no longer identify ourselves with the form side of existence but become one with the spirit.” – The Labours of Hercules by Alice. A Bailey

The Aspects
Now, I will cover a few aspects that will transpire during the New Moon in Capricorn, there are many more aspects that will occur during the New Moon, but I will only cover a few.

The Sun, The Moon, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn. That’s a lot of Earth energy that’s being triggered within us! The Sun, the Moon, and Venus square Uranus 24 degrees in Aries, Saturn trine Uranus 24 degrees in Aries, Venus, the Sun, and Moon conjuncts Pluto 19 degrees in Capricorn. Finally, Jupiter and Mars are conjunct in Scorpio and sextile Pluto 19 degrees in Capricorn.

The Meaning of the Aspects:

Trust the Path, it is Leading you to Something | The Sun, the Moon, Venus square Uranus 24 degrees in Aries
All of this topped with a square to Uranus signals that there’s an important decision that needs to be made. It suggests that you follow through with your breakthroughs, and keep on the new path toward the mountain of goals.

Personally, I feel that I am walking on new ground. I feel nervous about making fast moves and think that the energy of Capricorn has a lot to do with it. I often have to remind myself to slow down and see the truth in each situation; that I have no reason to rush. I am able to see how far I have come and truly feel gratitude, even if my emotional ghosts visit me from time to time. Feelings of being unlovable, misunderstood, and taken for granted are a ghost of mine. They now ask for me to love them, understand them, and appreciate them for who they are. May you be able to confront your ghosts and remember that your emotions are fleeting. Trust your Path.

Sacrifice is the Only Way Out | Venus, the Sun, and the Moon conjuncts Pluto 19 degrees in Capricorn
Our focus, desires, and emotions that are self-detrimental are now asked to be sacrificed to create a fertile ground. Once this is done, the blueprint will be drawn with a clear mind. The blueprint that is being sketched requires some sort of energy to bring it to life. With the Sun (our creative focus), Venus (desires), and the Moon (emotional instincts), there are desires and old emotions that are needed to be sacrificed and left in order to move forward. Think of it like this, in order to have a productive garden you need water, sun, air, time, a medium, and nutrients. This applies to the future and successfully attaining your goals. You need the proper nutrients to feed your foundation. The nutrients are your old desires and repressed emotions that need to be confronted and released.

“The law of Nature is such that those governed by the spirit of obligatory suites shall flourish while those governed by rights shall perish.” – Governing Business and Relationship by A. Parthasarathy


Let the Fire of Passion Burn | Jupiter conjuncts Mars sextile Pluto 19 degrees in Capricorn

Let the passion for your vision push you through this transformation period. This time can be challenging if you are not used to Scorpio or Mars’ intense energy. Some attention and energy are required from you to allow the process of death and rebirth to take a toll. However, the sextile signifies that this phase is easy to push through. It’s almost like this transformation period greets us with open arms saying, “About time! Let’s go already and make something happen!”

Ruler of the Sign | Saturn in Capricorn
With Saturn being in his own sign, Capricorn, and following behind the other planets, it reflects that the changes that are taking place with our foundation are truly being solidified like no other way before. Since Saturn is in his own sign only every 29 ½ years, this is tremendously important for our individual and collective evolution. Saturn being home in his own sign yields some really serious material results. We, humans, love things that are tangible because it helps us feel like we are a part of something that is greater than us. So pay attention to where your mind, desires, emotions, and creative attention takes you. Doing so will give you great results in the long run. Remember, slow and steady is the pace. Enjoy yourself.

How Does this Moon Relate to the Past Moon?
During the Full Moon in Cancer, our emotions are heightened and held with greater weight. It was acting as an antenna for the direction that we need to tread. Now that the moon is in Capricorn, it’s time to walk the path slowly, no matter what is required. Take your time and absorb the truth through the lessons that will inevitably come your way. I promise, in the end, you will be more solid than ever before about your goals and be a steady powerhouse that’ll fuel from your core. No one else can do that for you.

3 Points to Take Away to Help You on the Path 


Emotions are Real | Super Full Moon in Cancer 2018

Let the creative waters flow, for they are needed to build a promising future! The moon will be Super and Full in the sign of Cancer beginning January 1, 2018, at 6:00 pm (PST), January 2, 2018, at 2:25 am (UT), and January 2, 2018, at 1:00 pm (AEST).

The Moon asks that we harness our emotional nature to channel it into our vision for the future.

Meaning of the Sign the Moon is in
The Moon being in Cancer prompts you to utilize your creative nature to carve your future. The nature of your reality requires your emotional participation so that the completion of the past cycle is done with greater power and depth. Cancer (being a water cardinal sign) harnesses a very intuitive energy. Since there is a Supermoon with wonderful aspects occurring, your emotions must be sharp enough to cut through and repel what is not right in order to attract what will bring you emotional and physical security. The energy of Cancer yearns for inner and outer security and wants the same for you. This brings about lessons with the change of the season.

Meaning of the Moon Phase
The Moon in a full state means that the power of attracting and repelling is strong. There will be a test approaching due to the intentions that you have created in this past New Moon cycle. This test will make sure that what you long for is true to your innate morals. Emotions are heightened not only because it’s the Full Moon, but because the Moon is in its own sign, Cancer! Through owning your emotions, using your creative power, and believing in your psychic faculties you secure your path toward what you long for. The Full Moon is considered to be a Full Wolf Moon, which indicates how to respond during this time.

“The full moon appeared when wolves howled in hunger outside of villages.” –

The Full Wolf Moon emphasizes how powerful our emotional instincts are. Throughout time, wolves (have been depicted as a representation of our primal nature.) We are to respond the same way that they respond to their environment during this cycle. During this Supermoon, our primal instincts are awake and howl for completion so that the cardinal waters can rush through and create a new path.


Now let’s get into the aspects…

The Moon Aspects
Moon is in opposition to Venus 9 degrees in Capricorn, Saturn 1 degree in Capricorn, and Pluto 18 degrees in Capricorn.

Of course, there are more aspects taking place during the Full Supermoon, but these are the ones that I would like to elaborate.

First, I would like to mention that there is a grand water trine involving the Moon 10 degrees in Cancer, Mars 14 degrees in Scorpio coupled with Jupiter 17 degrees in Scorpio, and Neptune 11 degrees in Pisces. This powerful water trine activates our intuitive, compassionate nature and tells much about this coming year. The grand water trine taking place on the first day of 2018, signifies how important it is that we use this energy this year. The truths that will be revealed this year requires us to use our compassionate and intuitive nature to survive and evolve. Jupiter is still in Scorpio all this coming year. This means that all that has happened in the dark will be revealed to the light and be dealt with, no matter how painful it seems. Ex: sex scandals, sexual traumas, the use of other people’s resources, and power struggles on a personal and mass scale.  

The Moon located in opposition to Venus 9 degrees in Capricorn, shows that there is a need for emotional integration with desires as it pertains to love and relationships. The conflict stems from the need for balance with emotional longings in correlation with the reality of the situation. This creates a polarization with how to attract your desires with honesty and stability. You must have some time to reflect to integrate. In the next week or so, review what has been presented to you, and opportunities that may arrive. The meaning of these opportunities shows where you can gain balance within your reality and what you truly desire.

The Moon in opposition to Saturn 1 degree in Capricorn, shows that our emotional nature conflicts with what we are devoted to. May that is how you present your truth to the world, or how you relate to family, friends, or money, etc. It depends on where Capricorn is placed in your chart. We should take this time to recalibrate and commune with our emotions, and agree to what can be built upon a solid foundation. It starts with reflecting on how you relate to yourself and others, and how to create healthy emotional boundaries. This can be done by taking time for yourself, and contemplating what gives you the feeling of dignity and stick to it.

The Moon is placed in opposition to Pluto 18 degrees in Capricorn shows that our emotional nature requires transformation. There are some obvious external power struggles that reveal how you relate to your emotions. This may seem improbable to some, for others this present a deep understanding. This means that the outside world reflects the inner world. If you allow past actions to blind you from seeing how to handle a situation, you would completely miss the opportunity to change the situation. The devil is in the details; and because the Moon is opposing Pluto, the “devil” is also in the emotions. This is a test to see how you react to power struggles, and where you need to improve.


How Does this Supermoon relate to the past New Moon?
With the past new moon in Sagittarius, we chose the direction that was righteous enough for pursuit, now that the Moon is Super and Full in Cancer, we are now required to summon up our emotional nature to carve the way along the path. Since Cancer is a water cardinal sign, our emotions can be seen as dynamic waters that carve new river beds at the foot of the mountain. Smoothing rocks and trees over, moving dirt, sand, and soil around to new spaces, and pushing animals and other life away from the course of the pursuit. Cancer is an intuitive, receptive, powerful energy. This energy can either drown you with its powerful force or push to where the Divine sees fit. Make peace with this energy by making peace with your emotions. Handle your thought process and seek out its course of direction. This energy is coming in fast and will pass you by if you don’t recognize it.


What’s to Come?
Uranus stations direct 24 degrees in Aries on January 2, 2018. Uranus went retrograde 28 degrees in Aries on August 2, 2017. This energy made us reflect internally on how we may impact the world with our innovations. Now that it stations direct, it’s time to put those thoughts that we’ve had into action. The Cosmos are giving us a thumbs up!

3 Points on how to work with the Supermoon in Cancer:



  • Take deep breaths when feeling overwhelmed. ( 7 seconds in, 7 seconds out.)
  • When having strong emotions, contemplate the situation first before taking action to gain a clear message.
  • Be surrounded by comforting material things as much as possible such as a warm blanket with hot tea, or coco. (If it’s the winter season for you, of course.)




The last sign of the zodiac, but definitely not the least of them is Pisces. The Pisces personality is the world savior of the zodiac because of its great empathic abilities. Because Pisces is the 12th sign, this person can be seen as the incarnation of an old sage who has learned many lessons from the other eleven signs and is now able to gather information from the subconscious and use it for the betterment of all. Pisces being a mutable water sign, have great intellectual abilities that are in conjunct with heighten detection of emotions and can use it in psychic ways.

Glyph Pisces for use.png
The symbol of Pisces is the Fish
The glyph has two curved lines that represent crescent moons that are connected by a straight line. This is seen as emotion and higher consciousness bounded by the boundaries of the material world.

Traditional- Jupiter and Neptune
Esoteric- Pluto

The colors of the sea; Pale green and turquoise

Yellow Sapphire for strengthening Jupiter
Red Coral for strengthening Mars
Pearl for strengthening the Moon

If devoted to the Soul Path, Ray 2: Love and Wisdom

Original Ruler House
House 12 rules the subconscious, dreams, past life and more!

Pisces Ascendant
If you have Pisces as your Ascendant (Rising) your life path is along the lines of devoting your actions towards Love and Wisdom. As you evolve, you will learn what you have experienced in life was pushing you in the direction where you must define what Love truly is and share your Wisdom with your chosen community. Another major lesson for Pisces Asc. is defining your boundaries clearly and knowing what emotions are yours and what are others. Meditation and lots of sleep when necessary will be great tools to carry you over and give you the boundaries that you need.


Sun in Pisces
Born: February 19- March 20
If you have your Sun in Pisces, you are seen as a person who is sensitive, gentle, compassionate, and non-confrontational. You rather go with the flow of life than to push your will into circumstances.  You prefer to create a place of nebulous beauty and sympathy or be in an environment that express those qualities. You may suffer from being too empathic, meaning that you pick up on other’s energetic presence and in consequence, gaining a sense of self in overwhelming situations is very important for your creative process.

Moon in Pisces
If you have Moon in Pisces, this means that you are very in tune with your emotional nature. You feel deeply and prefer to act on your ideal instead of what has been presented to you from everyday life.  Because you are highly empathic, for you to feel emotionally secure you need a lot of alone time to differentiate what emotions are your own from others.

In esoteric astrology, the moon sign is known as the place where the soul is held, meaning, your main struggle in this life is the shadow of Pisces. The shadow of Pisces reveals itself when you struggle with psychosis and being smug.

Whatever happened in the past may have triggered these qualities, and they are now in your subconscious memory. When under stress, the Shadow of Pisces emerges and takes over your emotional body and mental process creating havoc in your personal life. But know that you can overcome this by being mindful of what is going on with you emotionally instead of instantly reacting to a situation out of instinct. Take the moment to stop, feel, reflect, then respond.

You have the ability to rise above the emotional/mental craze by understanding and transcending it, that’s why you have Moon in Pisces!


Photo by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash

The Aquarius personality is the most eccentric sign of the zodiac, not because they look and act obviously differently from others but because they aspire to embody a way of thinking that is ahead of their time. This personality finds great importance in advancing humanity forward through implementing new waves of thinking into life as we know it. The Aquarius personality has an undying willingness to find ways to break the status quo to achieve freedom for all. Because Aquarius is a fixed air sign, they desire to be creative through intellectual pursuits that will serve society to reach greater heights.

Glyph 2000px-Aquarius.svg
Symbolically, the glyph represents the electric current that is sudden and undeniably connected to universal thought and wisdom of the future.

Traditionally- Saturn and Uranus
Esoterically- Jupiter

Electric Sky Blue

Blue Sapphire to strengthen Saturn
Emerald to strengthen Mercury
Diamond or White Sapphire to strengthen Venus

If devoted to the spiritual path, Ray 5: Concrete Knowledge and Science

Original Ruler House
House 11 rules group dynamics, social media, organizations and more!

Aquarius Ascendant
If you have Aquarius as your Rising (Ascendant), your life path is about attaining concrete knowledge and science that will help to break old collective ideologies and serve the collective so that all can attain freedom. You may be interested in metaphysics, physics, or any other secular knowledge and use this to make sense of a life that seems to be too focused on the mundane or superficial. Life propels you to be a world server because you were born with the eyes to see the interconnections of life. You are here to bring new ideas and energy to your chosen community, but will only learn to do so through expansion and discernment.


Sun in Aquarius
If you have the Sun in Aquarius, you are seen as someone who is openly opinionated, independent, and eccentric. You are not concerned with being an ‘outcast’ and are constantly sharing new ideas and creating new ways of implementing your knowledge into your everyday life. This way of living also helps you feel empowered, frees you from others’ expectations, and enables you to create the most unique ideas that come to you.

Moon in Aquarius
If you have your moon in Aquarius, you may feel at odds with your feelings a lot of the time because you tend to detach yourself from how you ‘feel’ and instead gravitate toward what you think is ideal. For you to feel emotionally secure, you desire to have others around you who are open, mentally stimulating and don’t threaten your sense of freedom.

In esoteric astrology, the moon sign is known as the place where the soul is held, meaning, your main struggle in this life is the shadow of Aquarius. The shadow of Aquarius reveals itself when you struggle with being arrogant and prideful with your ideas.

Whatever happened in the past may have triggered these qualities, and they are now in your subconscious memory. When under stress, the Shadow of Aquarius emerges and takes over your emotional body and mental process creating havoc in your personal life. But know that you can overcome this by being mindful of what is going on with you emotionally instead of instantly reacting to a situation out of instinct. Take the moment to stop, feel, reflect, then respond.

You have the ability to rise above the emotional/mental stagnation by understanding and overcoming it, that’s why you have Moon in Aquarius!



Virgo is known as the healer, administrator, and perfectionist of the zodiac. Everything must have its T’s crossed and dotted I’s because the detail is important. Tangible things must be dissected and understood so that they can be easily labeled and put into practical use. Virgo is a mutable, earth sign so knowledge of tangible things allows the Virgoian to live a life that is intellectually purpose-driven and less chaotic than their polarity, Pisces. They desire to bring perfection to their life because they see beauty in order and desire to be of service to those who are in need of their keen eye. The Virgo personality also tends to be more health-conscious compared to other signs because their physical sensitivity requires them to be fully aware of what goes on and in their body.

Glyph Virgo.png
The symbol of Virgo represents a Virgin, meaning whole unto itself and not needing to extract anything from anyone. In the glyph, there is a straight line connected to two curved lines, one of which is crossed. This represents wisdom that is connected to emotion and feeling, and crossed by practicality.

Because Virgo is a triple sign, like Scorpio, it emphasizes the human experience.  Virgo’s reality is about lifting the veil and making sense of what is hidden so that it is easily accessible when needed.

In traditional- Mercury
In Esoteric- Moon

Navy blue and gray.

Pearl, to enhance the influence of the Moon and initiate you to your spiritual path.

Coming soon…

Original Ruler House
6th House rules your sense of duty, responsibility, employees, and more…

Virgo Ascendant
Coming soon…

Sun in Virgo
Born: August 22- September 22
If you have your Sun in Virgo, you have a personality that desires to create perfection through all that you do. You are ambitious and can be a little restless even if you are sitting still because you believe there is always something to do and accomplish. Others may see you as the go-to person who can help them correct their shortcomings, or the person to stay away from because they know that you will tell them how you see it, even if emotions may get ruffled. However, you don’t do this to hurt their feelings, you do this because you care for them deeply and want to experience their best expression with them.

Moon in Virgo
If you have Moon in Virgo, your emotions tend to be overly rationalized because you desire not to be overpowered by them. For you to feel emotionally secure, you need an outlet that allows you to express your keen eye for perfection.

In esoteric astrology, if your moon is placed in Virgo, it is known as the placement where your soul is hidden. Meaning, your recurring emotional struggles are the shadow of Virgo. Moon in Virgo struggles with being overly self-critical, inaccuracy, extremes between being a perfectionist and carelessness, moodiness, worry, and self-centeredness.

Whatever happened in the past may have triggered these qualities, and they are now in your subconscious memory. When under stress, the Shadow of Virgo emerges and takes over your emotional body and mental process, therefore, creating havoc in the physical reality. But know that you can overcome this by being mindful of what is going on with you emotionally instead of instantly reacting to a situation out of instinct. Take the moment to stop, feel, and reflect.

You have the ability to jump over these emotional hurdles, that’s why you have Moon in Virgo!



The Personality of Cancer is very creative, nurturing, and sensitive to emotions. Being a water sign, they tend to have psychic abilities because of their deep connection to their emotions which inevitably helps them to detect when something is or isn’t right with others. The energy quality of Cancer is cardinal and can be seen as the Mother archetype who is always ready to protect their friends, family, community, and creations whenever a situation calls for it.

Like the crab, Cancer is very secretive and protective of its soft inner nature and can come off as combative. This tends to be the case because they are protecting their heart, which can be easily misused or manipulated if put into the wrong hands.

The symbol of Cancer is the Crab.cancer
The two circles aiming to become one is an abstract depiction of the two claws of the crab and refers to the dual nature of Cancer, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the inner and outer world.

In traditional astrology- Moon
In esoteric astrology- Neptune

Best colors for Cancer are blue, white, and sea green.

Stone Ray
Pearl to strengthen the Moon
Red Coral to Strengthen Mars
Yellow Sapphire to Strengthen Jupiter

If devoted to the Soul Path, Ray 3: Active Intelligence and Activity

Original Ruler House
House 4 rules how the individual relates to their inner life, home, family culture, tradition, and mother’s heritage.

Cancer Ascendant
If you have Cancer as your ascendant or rising, your soul purpose in this life is to use your intelligence and make available abstract concepts to your chosen community.  You enjoy taking on the role of being the nurturer and protector and aspire to help others become fully aware of their inner life so that they can benefit from having an in depth meaning to life. As you evolve in this life, circumstances will propel you forward to realize your empathic gifts and to make a life for yourself by using them for the benefit of others.


Sun in Cancer
Born: June 22- July 22
If you have your Sun in the sign of Cancer, you have a nurturing personality that is very protective. You tend to identify yourself as a person who is emotionally receptive to loved ones and encourage them to be with you when they are needing to be “real” and come clean to what they are going through internally. You are really gifted at reading body language and can detect what is going on with others underneath the obvious. Consequently, it is a challenge for others to lie to you, and you prefer honesty over flattery.

Moon in Cancer
If you have Moon in Cancer, the moon is very comfortable in this sign. Your emotions tend to wax and wane and mirror the actual Moon transiting through the twelve constellations. For you to feel emotionally secure, you need to be in an environment that is luxurious, comfortable and is receptive to your emotional needs. You may even have a mother that fits the Archetypal Mother who is sensitive to you emotionally and intuitively knows how to comfort you when need be.

In esoteric astrology, your moon sign is known as where your soul is held, therefore, your main struggle in life is the shadow of Cancer. Moon in Cancer may struggle with being self-absorbed, fanaticism, moodiness, being deceptive, fiery anger, and jealousy.

Whatever has happened to you in the past may have triggered these qualities and are now in your subconscious memory. When under stress, the shadow of Cancer tends to take over and create a disturbance for you emotionally and psychologically, but through mindfulness, it can be overcome.  Once you are able to work with and surpass these hurdles, you can live a more purposeful life.

Use your emotions as a conduit for bringing people together and experience true love and understanding, you have this ability!

Moon Transit in Gemini

Communication of ideas is in the air! Moon waxing in the sign of Gemini helps you set your intentions and put them into action through verbal or written word.

This is the best time to take your ideas and communicate them to your surroundings and see how others respond to them. Are they open and feeling your enthusiasm? Are they giving you any suggestions on how to take your ideas to the next level? Are you considering their advice? Use your discernment and rational abilities to understand what advice is useful and what is not.

Gemini is the sign that is all about communicating ideas, sharing perspectives, and integrating what was useful from the interaction. This intelligent sign motivates you to gain insight from different walks of life so that you can be more effective in your goals, however, this is the case if you are receptive to it.

If you are bouncing back in forth from one perspective to the next without integration, you may be dealing the shadow of Gemini.

Shadow of Gemini
Combating the shadow of Gemini can have you feeling cold and indifferent to new information that is being given from others. You may also be stuck on your own personal wisdom instead of being open-minded and using your intuition to differentiate what is right for you.

Take care to what you are receiving from the environment and use your discerning abilities so that you can take the right action for your goals.

Have fun!

Moon Transit in Taurus

Happy New Moon in Taurus! It is time to set your intentions and visualize what you are wanting to have in your possession. The sign of Taurus signifies security, stability, material possessions, and sensual pleasures.

New Moon in this sign is subconsciously asking what is it that you need that will help improve your life in a constructive manner? Do you need financial security? Are your physical needs met?

Set your intention and visualize having it and appreciate the things that you already have. Also, acknowledge what you have accomplished this past lunar cycle and celebrate it with loved ones. You deserve it!

Moon is considered exalted in the sign of Taurus because it brings emotional stability, security, and predictability during this period. So enjoy it while you can!

However, if you get stuck in being stubborn in your feelings and have anxiety over material wealth you could be struggling with the shadow of Taurus.

Shadow of Taurus
The shadow of Taurus can have you wanting more than what you truly need, over indulgent in the sense because of worry or fear of not having enough, and not being emotionally available to your loved ones.

Bring some light in the shadow by taking some time to yourself and get to know where you are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Even if it is just for one minute!  Then take a look at what you have such as a roof over your head, food to eat, and people who love you and want to understand you. If you do not have these things, know that your mind is powerful and if you can hold your intention to have these necessities, they will soon come to find you.

Blessed be,


Moon Transit in Aries

Get ready to receive new ideas after letting go of the old.  Moon transiting in the sign of Aries means it is time to be open to all that is about to come forth. Aries is the sign of unique ideas and energy that is SUPER straight-forward. Moon waning in this sign is getting you prepared to receive new ideas that will place you in the right direction toward your goals.

Moon is asking you to make room by letting go of useless ideologies through meditation and stillness. Aries, being a cardinal sign, signifies that the thought forms are about how to create a more fulfilling life through community, fresh ways to approach situations, and how to inspire and help others around you.

While the moon is in thus sign, it is best to reflect and harness this fiery energy so that it can help you purify your mind so that you can easily help yourself and others. Also, anticipate your actions!!!

If you are becoming impatient with taking action with the first idea that comes to mind, without diligently thinking it through, you may be wrestling with the shadow of Aries.

Shadow of Aries
The shadow of Aries may leave you feeling cold, prideful, hoping from one idea to the next, and narrow-mindedness. You may also suffer from others not receiving your ideas the way you expected them to and may come off as too domineering, selfish, and or brash.

Allow this energy to help you purify your thoughts so that the new can come in and help you understand your path within your community. It’s okay to not act on every idea that comes to you, let your ideas form themselves after some time of molding in your mind.
And if you must have some kind of energy release, look towards doing some kind of physical activity.

Good luck and blessings to you!


Moon Transit in Pisces

Pisces is the sign of the meditation, secrets, confinement, and past life issues.

Moon in this sign is subconsciously allows past life issues and secrets that are stored in your body to come up and manifest in your thoughts. This can be hard to work with and can lead you feeling alone and confined in your own mind, however, these thoughts are resurfacing so that they can be liberated from your body’s memory.

The best way to handle past life issues is to meditate and follow the thought forms to see what is trying to be expressed. There may be a lesson that is waiting to be learned if you are able to follow it to its core. Meditation will help your body settle and become calm so the energy of Pisces can do what it does best, to liberate what is confined and to help you feel unconditional love because you are connected to everything.

Also, it’s okay to not understand what is going on with you in a rational sense, Pisces, in traditional astrology, is ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune represents irrationality because its energy is based on spirituality, which is very elusive. If you want to make the most out of this time, you must go through the rabbit hole. In esoteric astrology, Pisces is ruled by the planet, Pluto. The energy of Pluto will help you penetrate to the core of your past life issues and break it down into segments so that you can make peace with every aspect and feel new and powerful.

However, like I have mentioned before, the energy of Pisces is not very easy to work with and if you find yourself in self-pity or stuck in fantasy, you are among the shadow of Pisces.

Shadow of Pisces
The shadow of Pisces will have you feeling indifferent, cold, fearful, angry, deceptive, and fanatical. The pain that your past life has brought to you is hard to battle with because you are not supposed to battle them. You can not ignore them by running away into fantasy, drinking, taking drugs, or sticking to your own stubbornness. You are meant to accept your past as they are and trust that you can overcome this pain.

Maybe connect with a loved one and have them be a soundboard for you so that you can hear yourself and process what you are going through. Take a walk in nature and speak out loud and come clean to what you’ve been through and who you are now today.

It’s okay to feel lost in your feelings because you will eventually find what you didn’t even know what you were looking for.

So find peace in yourself and be connected to love.

Blessing to you,